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Petites polyphonies Op.128
Xmas Calypso
Moon Rainbow
Cradle Hymn
Childrens Songs
Ring Bell Ring
Shepherds Song
The Blacksmith
My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hair
Cradle Song
Darest Thou Now, O Soul
The Days Are Past
Jim The Carter Lad
Robin Hoods Song
The Song Of The Jolly Roger
ID Like To Sail
Seven More Christmas Carols For Children
Cradle Song
The Happy Day
Spring Goes Walking
Wicklow Donkeys
The Paper Boat
Laugh and Be Merry
John Mouldy
A Song Of Spring
Child Thoughts
The Lion Tamer
A Shepherds Carol
In Peaceful Fields
Lord's Prayer
Urchins Dance
Two Cats
Ellan Vannin
Buy Broom Besoms
Autumn Sunset
Billy Boy
If I Were A Pig
A Song For The Winter
O Praise The Lord
Little Blue Apron
The Christmas Bell
Majestic Night
The Ploughmans Song
Country Life
All Round My Hat
That Golden Time
The Jovial Beggar
Four American Folksongs
Swansea Town
The Maid and The Fawn
The Wee Road From Cushendall
For Nobody But Me
Circus Boy
Brother Francis
Come Christmas
A Wet Sheet and A Flowing Sea
Nutting Time
Mary, Pluck The Willow-Herb
Shepherds Purse and Chinese Nursery Rhyme
Lullaby For Nicholas
Twelfth Night
Dimity Town
Snow At Christmas
Viking Song
Take Heed, My Sweet Young Lovers
Infant Joy
For The Beauty Of The Earth
The Scarecrow
Thine Anger Withhold
With Joy ThImpatient Husbandman
O, I Would Be A Peddlar
Sir Nicketty Nox
Pretty Polly Pillicote
The Knocking Song
Six Czech Carols
3 Scandinavian Songs
Doyi, Doyi
The Departure Of Robinson Crusoe
Away To Ireland
The Millers Flowers
What Sweeter Music
The Desert Shall Rejoice
Little Billee
Thou Spirit Of Love Divine
Three Nonsense Folk Songs

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