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Zörgernd leise
Das Dörfchen (Chp)
Nachtgesang im Walde
Op. 139 D913
Kahnfahrt Op.18/9
Die Nacht
Op. 17/4, D 983C
Liebe D983
Op. 64/1, D 825
D 709
Der Entfernten
D 331
Nachthelle D892
Geisterchor (Rosamunde)
Jagdlieder Op.137 (Chp)
Das Dörfchen (PA)
Op. 11/1, D 641
Jagdlieder Op.137 (PA)
At The Mid Hour Of Night
Salammbo 3e Suite Op. 66
Jesus bleibet meine Freude
Jesus bleibet meine Freude
Zu Gott flieg auf
Die launige Forelle
Variationen über Schuberts Lied
Die launige Forelle ( SP )
Abschied Vom Walde
Sechs Lieder (Op.33)
Horn Concerto Rondo
Du sonnige, wonnige Welt op. 130,2
O Isis und Osiris
Hymne Au Soleil
All In The April Evening
Our little night music/Unsere kleine Nachtmusik
Sunset Serenade/In der Abendstund'
I hear the birds sing
The Trout/Die Forelle
In these delightful pleasant groves
Candlelight's Flaring
Das klinget so herrlich/It rings out so joyful
Intrada a cappella
Erlaube mir feins Mädchen/Allow me oh Maiden
Silence is flowing / Im Fluss der Stille
It Couldn't Be Done
for TTBB Chorus
Cathedral in the Trashing Rain
O, What Joy That I Have Jesus
Cold and Fugue Season
Bless the Lord, O My Soul
Bless the Lord, O My Soul (Op. 37, No. 2)
from Cantata 142
Il Divo
(Choral Collection)
Canon in D
Festival Piece On Sine Nomine
Praise the Lord from Judas Maccabeus
Veni, Jesu
Soldiers Chorus From 'Faust')
La Virgen Lava Panales
Fanfare For Christmas Day
Hills Of The North Rejoice
Blow Ye the Trumpet
Past Three O'Clock
The Rewaking
De Vesper
Ave verum Corpus / Trouwe Heiland
Goeden Nacht!
Stille waterlelie
Vaarwel / O Wereld
Die Nacht / De Nacht
De Lindenboom / Der Lindenbaum
Gott ist mein Hirt
Die Himmel rühmen / Gods ere in de natuur
Trösterin Musik
Pax Vobiscum /Die Auferstehung
La Pastorella
In Jesu name / Schoon boven alle schone
Die Allmacht
O Kindeke klein
Inveni David
Ich halte treulich still
Bist du bei mir
Alt Rhapsodie
Goethe's Harzreise im Winter
Goethe's Harzreise im Winter
De Driekusman
Vier weverkens
Les Martyrs
Les Martyrs
Près du fleuve étranger
Gy volckeren hoor aen!
Slaet op den trommele
Locus iste
Der träumende See
Chanson de Bourgogne en rondeau
Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt
Deutsche Messe
Kom Heer Jezus, kom tot ons
The Lord is my light (Psalm XXVII)
Twee visies op een gedicht
Dat liet van den Rhijnscen wijn
Die Minnesänger
Die Lotosblume
Adam Grey: O Holy Night
Soon Ah Will Be Done
Funiculi Funicula Ttbb
Misa a S.S. Jean XXIII
Missa Salve Regina
Come O Jezus comes to me
Come O Jesus come to me (demo)
Tramping Song
Nobody Knows - Balm In Gilead
Oh Mary, and All That Jazz!
O Lovely Night
Fair Maid Of Perth
The Lord's My Shepherd
Disdainful Of Danger
The Sider and The ... ?
Hills Of The North, Rejoice
Adam The Anvil
I Am So Nervous
Italian Salad
The Drowsy Woods
Alwens The Emigrants
Martyrs Of The Arena
A Spell Is On The Woods
Hunting Chorus
The Fame Of Britains Ancient Glory
Marching Song
A Lovers Complaints
A Lovers Complaints
The Dawn Of Day Appeareth
The Dawn Of Day Appeareth
The Soldiers Chorus From Faust
By Babylons Wave
Mariners Sunlt
Pilgrims Chorus From Tannhauser
My Luve Is Like A Red, Red Rose
Cradle Song
The Winds
An Evening's Pastoral
An Evenings Pastorale
Sailor Shanties
War-Song Saracens
Hey Nonny No!
Swansea Town
Matthew, Mark, Luke & John
The Old Soldier
The Silver Penny
Fol, Dol, Do
A Song Of Soldiers
News Years Eve S
Into Exile
Into Exile
I May No Longer Dream
The Garden
An Old Song Re-Sung
Six Negro Spirituals
O Praise The Lord With One Consent
Praise Lord Consent
The Gentle Maiden
Hymn To Diana
Marching Song
In Exultation My Soul Rejoices
Glory Be To God Almighty
West Sussex Drinking Song
Three Hungarian Folk Songs
Three Hungarian Folk-Songs
Three Ravens
Beethoven O What Delight (English/German)
Peggy My Love
Gow To An Isle In The Water Ttbb
Lovely Rose
I Will Lay Me Down In Peace
Give Rest O Christ Ttbb
Vittoria Domine Non Sum Dignus Ttbb
An Awakening Ttbb
Long Day Closes
The Equinox for TTBB/Piano
A Wet Sheet And A Flowing
It's Oh! To Be A Wild Wind
Annie Laurie Ttbb
Men Of Harlech
Would I Were The Glow-worm
Carse Tide Rises Tide Falls Ttbb (Orpheus 577)
Ring Out Wild Bells
In Silent Night TTBB
I Loved A Lass
The Lincolnshire Poacher Ttbb
Bridge Goslings Ttbb (Orpheus 617)
O No John
As Torrents In Summer
O I'm Sick Of Life
Plung'd In The Confines Of Despair
When On My Sick Bed
Shepherd Alleluia Confitemini TTBB
Domine (O Remember Gracious Lord) Ttbb
The Banks Of Allan Water
I'll Sail Upon The Dogstar
Down In A Flowery Vale
Toriad Y Wawr
The Break Of Dawn
My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose
Evensong Largo
Old Mother Hubbard
And Now Tis Time To Go
He Is Gone On The Mountain
In The Woods
Farewell To Homeland
A Song Of Hope
Son Of Mary
The Wolf Ttbb
Lully Sombre Woods
To Anthea
Sweet Litty Denovan
Oft In The Stilly Night
The Dacent Irish Boy
The Lords Of The Admiraltee
Bantock Lock The Door Lariston
Saenz De Adana: Dos Canciones Montanesas
La Fiesta De Los Marineros - Paso Doble
Denefve: Canto Triunfal
Brich an o schönes Morgenlicht
Am Meer
O wie schön ist deine Welt
Lambscapes (Settings Of 'mary Had A Little Lamb')
O Gloriosa Domina
In This Heart
Rest 'Du Bist Die Ruh'
In stiller Nacht
Der Lindenbaum
Deutsche Messe
a capella
Ständchen (SP)
Die Sonn ist still und schön geschieden
Hymnus ante sominum Opus 97 N0 2
Charge of the Light Brigade
Lumbye Champagnegaloppen

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