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Trompetenschule fUr Kinder Band 1
Sound Innovations for Concert Band
Ensemble Development for Young Concert Band - Chorales and Warm-ups
Yamaha Trumpet Student
Studies and Melodious Etudes for Cornet, Level I
Student Instrumental Course
Studies and Melodious Etudes for Cornet, Level II
Student Instrumental Course
Studies and Melodious Etudes for Cornet, Level III
Student Instrumental Course
First Book of Practical Studies
For Cornet and Trompet
Daily Exercises, Op. 25
Twenty-four Melodic Exercises, Op. 20
Petites Etudes Sur Les Tonalites Trumpet
Trumpet Studies
Lyrical Etudes For Trumpet 1
Lyrical Etudes For Trumpet Volume II
Low Etudes For Trumpet
Low(er!) Etudes For Tuba
Orchestral Studies: Trumpet Band 1
Guntram - Feuersnot - Salome
Orchestral Studies: Trumpet Band 2
Elektra - Der Rosenkavalier
Scales & Arpeggios
The Complete Boosey & Hawkes Trumpet Scale Book
24 Jazz Etudes For Trumpet
Changing Meter Studies
Asa Jazz Studies
Lyric Studies(48)
Lyrical Studies
Trognée: 25 Etudes Techniques
Warm-Ups and Studies
Advanced Trumpet Outings Book 2
14 Etudes and 14 Duets for trumpet
Top Tones For Trumpet
Advanced Daily Studies
The Secret of Technique Preservation
A Concise Practice Routine Inspired By and Intended For The Busy Professional
Extensions - Range With Relaxation
Basic Skills for the Developing Trumpeter
Improvisational Patterns
The Bebop Era - Volume 1
Evolving Trumpet Studies
Trumpet Mutes and How To Use Them
Advanced Studies For Trumpet
24 Etudes Melodiques
Jazz Basics - Vol. 1
108 Diatonic Exercises
Jazz Basics - Vol. 2
Approach Notes
24 Etudes
Elementary Studies
Sixty Selected Studies for Trumpet - Book 1
50 Recreational Studies for the Young Trumpeter
Etudes In All The Major and Minor Keys
Thirty Velocity Studies
Clarke Studies Revisited
The Famous Technical Studies Reorganized by Key
Six Steps to Succes - Trumpet
40 Intermediate Studies in 8 Keys
Hering - Studies On Ornamentation for Trumpet
Studies In Lyricism for Trumpet In Bb
36 Studies for Trumpet
Cichowicz Flow Studies Volume 1
Cichowicz Flow Studies Volume 2
with Russian Studies
Cichowicz Long Tone Studies
Advanced Concert Studies
19 New Studies from Grade 4 through 6
Etudes progressives (20)
20 Etudes mélodiques faciles et progressives Vol.1
Etudes mélodiques et progressives (16) Vol.2
Etudes de style (34)
Multistyle Studies
24 Studies / Etüden
Technical & Melodic Studies Vol. 1
Trumpet Tutors and Studies
Technical & Melodic Studies Vol. 2
Trumpet Tutors and Studies
Technical & Melodic Studies Vol. 3
Trumpet Tutors and Studies
Technical & Melodic Studies Vol. 4
Trumpet Tutors and Studies
Technical & Melodic Studies Vol. 5
Trumpet Tutors and Studies
Technical & Melodic Studies Vol. 6
Trumpet Tutors and Studies
70 Studies
Trumpet Tutors and Studies
24 Melodic Studies
7 Russian Etudes
Trumpet Tutors and Studies
Trumpet Tutors and Studies
Trumpet Tutors and Studies
25 Warm - Up
Trumpet Tutors and Studies
Progressive Jazz Studies 1
Trumpet ABC
Studien Fur Trompete 1 Kantaten
12 Etudes Caprices Dans Le Style Baroque
70 Etudes Progressives Volume 2
Jouons De La Trompette
Contemporary Trumpet Studies
25 Etudes Rythmo Techniques
12 Dechiffrages Superieur Volume B
Douze Etudes De Virtuosite Dans Le Style D'Arban
18 Etudes Variees
Cahier De Gammes
13 Dechiffrages Moyen Volume B
9 Dechiffrages Preparatoire Volume B
Les Arpeges Du Trompettiste
Les Gammes Extraordinaires
48 Petites Etudes Preliminaires & Progressives V.1
48 Petites Etudes Preliminaires & Progressives V.1
30 Sequences De Travail En Groupe Volume 1
Exercices Journaliers
Recueillis Et Ordonnes Par V. Lopez
25 Exercices Et Etudes Pour La Respiration
21 Etudes Rythmiques
40 Etudes Contemporaines Volume 1
40 Etudes Contemporaines Volume 2
40 Etudes Sur Le Legato Et La Velocite Vol 1
20 Etudes
Trompette Plaisir Volume 1
Trompette Plaisir Volume 2
Trompette Plaisir Volume 3
10 Etudes
28 Etudes Sur Les Modes
A Transpositions Limitees D'O. Messiaen
20 Etudes Elementaires De Style Et De Technique
15 Etudes Eclectiques
Hip Licks for Trumpet
Jazz Phrasing for Trumpet Volume 1
Jazz Trumpet Etudes
played by Wayne Bergeron
Habits of a Successful Middle School Musician
10 Minute Warm-Up For Trumpet
Welcome to Trompette
Intermediate Studies for Developing Artists
Day-Tudes Plus 1
15 Duets for Trumpet
Daytudes, Volume 1 - February
Advanced/Intermediate Etudes for Trumpet
Daytudes, Volume 2 - April
Intermediate Etudes for Trumpet
Daytudes, Volume 3 - Songtudes
Lyric Etudes for Trumpet
2+2=5: A Study in Odd Times
Trumpet 2-CD Set
Basic Studies for Trumpet
Teacher's Partner
Playing Techniques & Performance Studies Vol. 1
Playing Techniques & Performance Studies Vol. 2
Playing Techniques & Performance Studies Vol. 3
22 Virtuosity Studies
20 Solo Studies for Trumpet
Rubank Selected Studies
Primer Nivel: Aprende Trompeta Facilmente
(Spanish edition of Step One - Teach Yourself Trumpet)
20 Studi (Foveau)
70 Piccoli Studi Op.158 (Foveau)
20 Studi Op.143 (Foveau)
100 Studi (Herbst)
28 Studi Vol. 1 (Nagel)
40 Studi (Voisin)
Caracteristic Studies(25)
11 Studi
12 études faciles
New Studies For Trumpet
28 Contemporary Etudes
Standard Of Excellence Sounds Of The Season
Les Bases De La Trompette
Je débute la trompette
Ma deuxième année de trompette
Maintaining Trumpet Chops
Technique Studies Beginning
The Breathing Book for Trumpet
Flow Studies for Trumpet
Flow Studies with a Jazz Flavor for Trumpet
Daily Routines for Trumpet
Daily Routines for the Student Trumpet Player
Launch Pad for TrumpeT
Blast Off Tone and Technique
Long Tone Duets for Trumpets
Healthy Pack For Trumpet
Rangesongs for Trumpet
A Systematic Approach to Flexibility
Songs Without Words
Odd Meter Escapades
14 Advanced Jazz Studies for Trumpet
Etudes in the Operatic Style
Scales with Character
Einblas Und Aufbaustudien
Esercizi giornalieri per lo staccato
Mitchell On Trumpet
Warm Ups and More
36 Elementary Studies Trp
Intensive Trumpet Technique
Warm-ups, technical training and studies
30 Characteristic Studies
Works By Arban, Concone, Kopprasch, Kreutzer, Sachse, Schmidt
Twelve Studies
24 Studies
Studies for Orchestra Trumpeters
16 Studies of Virtuosity
Trompete Lernen 1 Leicht Gemacht
Sei Studi Per Tromba Sola
Sei Studi Difficili Per Tromba Sola
Tecnicamente in Forma
Esercizi Giornalleri Per Tromba
60 Studi Per Tromba
Melodious Etudes Vol. 1
Melodious Etudes Vol. 2
Less Is More
Basistechniek en Dagelijkse Oefeningen
The Charlier Companion
36 Etudes Trancendantes
The Arban Companion
14 Characteristic Studies
The Small Companion
Groove Connection Trumpet
Üben wie noch nie! Das Workout. Practise like never before. Workout!
Elementary Studies - Ed.Ita
20 Jazz Etudes
Strictly Trumpety Tudes
24 Melodic Exercises In All Keys Op 20
Orchestral Studies
Wagner: Bühnenwerke ohne Ring

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