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Jubilate Deo
Psalm 92 (SSA) Psalm Trilogy
Psalm 92 / 47 / 23
Psalm 47 (SSA) Psalm Trilogy
Psalm 92 / 47 / 23
Jesus, You Brought Me All the Way
Rocking Carol - SSA
The Lord's Prayer
Virgin's Slumber Song
Come Ye Sons Of Art (SSA)
Gloria RV589 (SSA)
Missa Brevis Pacem (Gloria Only)
Sir Christemas
Requiem (SSA)
Joshua Fight De Battle Ob Jericho
Canticles Of The Virgin Mary
A Christmas Rhapsody
Alleluia! For SSA
The Magi's gifts
A Carol For Today
A Chime Of Carols
Ave Verum - SSA (New Engraving)
I Will Lay Me Down/Duteous Day Now Closeth
This The Day This The Blessed Morn
Missa Brevis
Praise The Lord
Exult (Psalm 92)-SSA/Organ
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