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Stufen (Choral Song)
Irish Harp (Vol. 1)
Irish Harp (Vol. 2)
Like as a Father
O Praise the Lord
Early One Morning (Noel 1)
On Christmas Eve (Noel 2)
Shout to the Lord
I Lift Up My Eyes
Sing Aloud Op. 68
Make Haste Op. 86
Dominus Regnat
Drenched Land, The
Four Russian Folk Songs, No.1: Hills
Four Russian Folk Songs, No.2: Shali-Vali
Four Russian Folk Songs, No.4: Nonsense Song
Six Liturgical Chants, No.1: Cherubim Song
Six Liturgical Chants No.2: O My God I Cry to Thee
Six Liturgical Chants, No.3: Light so Tender
Six Liturgical Chants, No.4:
Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Six Liturgical Chants, No.5: Transfiguration
Six Liturgical Chants, No.6: Alleluia
Psalm 83 (84)
Witticisms and Lamentations from the Graveyard
Five Epitaphs
Missa Carminum (Folk Song Mass)
Missa Carminum Brevis
excerpt from Missa Carminum
My Days Are Like An Evening Shadow
Chichester Mass
On the Beach at Night Alone
Psalm of these Days II
Missa Brevis
Tantum Ergo
Three Motets
Pax in Terra
Ad Honoreum Stravinsky
Pater Noster
Lines from The First Book of Urizen and Vala
or a Dream of Nine Nights
O Gracious Light
Beata Viscera
Spherical Madrigals
Der Läufer
Flash (1996)
Per Soprano, Contralto, Tenore e Basso Su Testi di Edoardo Sanguineti
Let me bleed
per coro misto a cappella

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