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Jazzstuecke fuer zwanzig Finger
More Microjazz Duets
More Microjazz Duets 2
Jazz Notes Piano 4 mains 1 : Pommes sautées
Amende douce
Pianotes 4 mains Jazz Book 1
Pianotes 4 mains Jazz Book 2
Pianotes 4 mains Jazz Book 3
A Quattro Mani Nel Jazz
Jazz Prelude
They All Sang Yankee Doodle
Two Pianos, Four Hands. 2 Copies needed to perform.
Four by Four
Two Pianos, Four Hands
Coal Scuttle Blues (set)
Two Pianos, Four Hands
Big notes n°4
Jazz For Two 1
Jazzy Duets 2 4H.
Easy Jazzy Duets
Boogie Piano Duets 4H.
Jazzy Duets 1 4H.
Love Songs For Two 4H.
Piano Jazz Blues

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