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A Midsummer Night's Mystery
8 Escales
Travel Diary
For Two Percussionists
Travel Diary
For Two Percussionists
Missa Brevis
Homage A Mi Amigo for Multiple Percussion Duo
The Parables for 2 Multi-percussionists
Movement In Time for 2 Multi-percussionists
Digga-digga Deegot for Multiple Percussion Duo
the ceiling is alive
Timing for 2 Multi-percussionists
Prelude & Episode for Percussion Duo
Bear Talk for Pandeiro Duo
Mirage for Riq Duo
Some Music for King George
Il Vaso Di Alabastro
For Two Percussionists
Orazi e Curiazi (1996)
per due percussionisti
Thirteen O'Clock Shadow
for two singing percussionists
2 playing scores
Extension of a Dream
for two percussionists
Interpenetration No.2
Zwei Promenaden
For Two Percussionists
In Four Movements
The Tonal
The Nagual
Eight on 3 and Nine on 2
Duet for Multipercussion
Philup Glass
Canang For Two Percussion

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