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Chants de Misère Op.265
Isabelle Aboulker: Je taime
Oh Promise Me
The Year's At The Spring
Ah, Love, But A Day!
I Send Up My Heart To Thee!
Three Browning Songs
Winterreise Op. 89 D 911 - Low Voice
Singing Score, Urtext edition
Geistliche Lieder und Arien
Tiefe Stimme und Basso Continuo
Vier Gesänge
Sämtliche Lieder
für (tiefe) Singstimme und Klavier
Ave Maria
Les Hiboux
Les Ingénus - N° 1 des Fêtes Galantes - 2e recueil
Ave Maria n°3
Ave Maria
50 Mélodies
Pour voix moyenne ou grave et piano
46 Mélodies - 46 Songs (Medium/Low Voice)
pour voix moyenne ou grave
20 Ausgewählte Lieder
30 Selected Songs
Aria Album for Contralto
Lieder Volume 3
Lieder Der Romantik
Klavier-Begleitung zum Sologesang [Tief]
Berühmte Opern-Arien
15 Selected Songs - Low Voice
15 Selected Songs - Low Voice
15 Selected Songs - Low Voice
100 Songs - Low Voice
Vocal Album
Twenty-Four Favorite Songs For Low Voice
An Die Ferne Geliebte Op.98
To the Distant Beloved, Op. 98
Vocalises (20 Daily Exercises) - Book I
Woman's Life And Love
Fifty Selected Songs For Low Voice
50 Selected Songs
Biblical Songs Op.99
Calm as the Night (Still wie die Nacht)
Low Voice in B-Flat with Piano
O Divine Redeemer
My Heart Ever Faithful
Ave Maria
Low Voice in D with Piano
Tally Ho
Come Ye Blessed
Low Voice in E-Flat and Piano
Alleluia From Exsultate Jubilate
Low Voice in C and Piano
Low Voice in C
When I Have Sung My Songs
Cantique de Noel (O Holy Night)
Low Voice (B-Flat) and Piano
Caro mio ben
23rd Psalm
Where'er You Walk
Low Voice in F
If I Could Tell You
Low Voice in E-Flat and Piano
Bist du bei mir
Thou Art My Joy
I Wonder as I Wander
Low Voice in G minor and Piano
Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head
Low Voice in D and Piano
I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked
Low Voice in E and Piano
The Birthday of a King
Low Voice in F and Piano
Wedding Prayer
The Lord Is My Light
Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair
Low Voice in E-flat minor and Piano
Panis Angelicus
Low Voice in F with Piano
Hermit Songs
Songs by 22 Americans - low voice
Great Art Songs of 3 Centuries
Les Nuits D'Ete- Low Voice
12 Songs
28 American Art Songs
Song Cycle op. 24 on Poems by Heine
Chants sacrés (4)
Vocalises Vol.2 Op.81B (24)
Legend Child Jesus
The Myrtle Shade
Lowdown, Lonesome
Three Pastoral Songs Op. 22
To The Children For Low Voice
Afterday Op50 No.1-low Voice/Piano (Key-g)
All Through The Night-low Voice/Piano (Key-g)
An Old Song Ended-low Voice/Piano (Key-e Flat)
And So I Made A Villanelle-low Voice/Piano (Key-g)
A Birthday-low Voice/Piano (Key-c)
Comin' Thro' The Rye-low Voice/Piano (Key-g)
Don't Come In Sir Please! Op43 No.2
low Voice/Piano (Key D)
Evening Op71 No.2-low Voice/Piano (Key-c)
Evening Melody-low Or Medium Voice/Piano
For A Dream's Sake-low Voice/Piano (Key-a Flat)
From Afar (D'outremer)-low Voice/Piano (Key-c)
A Gift Of Silence Op43 No.1 (Key-f)
The Huckster-low Voice/Piano (Key-b Flat)
Fountain Court (Low Voice/Piano)
M Contentment Low Voice And Piano (F Major)
M Violets Low Voice And Piano (E Major)
M On A Time Low Voice And Piano (D Minor)
The Faithless Shepherdess (F Major)
Immortality-low Voice/Piano (Key-e Flat)
In A Fairy Boat Op61 No.2-low Voice/Piano (Key-c)
Invocation-low Voice/Piano (Key-d)
The Little Song Of Picardie (Key-d)
Looking Back-low Voice/Piano (Key-d Flat)
A Lost Love Op62 No.1-low Voice/Piano (Key-e Flat)
Love's Aftermath-low Voice/Piano (Key-b Flat)
Meditation-low Voice/Piano (Key-b Flat)
The Minstrel Boy-low Voice/Piano (Key E Flat)
My Captain Op38-low Voice/Piano (Key-f)
My Lady Sleeps Op70 No.1-low Voice/Piano (Key-d)
New Moon Op74 No.6-low Voice/Piano (Key-e)
Night Song-low Voice/Piano (Key-d Flat)
Nocturne-low Voice/Piano (Key-a Flat)
Oracle (Songs Of A Strolling Minstrel)
low Voice/Piano (Key-E Flat)
Old Loves (From Songs Of A Strolling Minstrel)
low Voice/Piano (Key-G)
Angelus (From Songs Of A Strolling Minstrel)
low Vce/Pf (Key A)
Osme's Song (From Sylvia) Op68 No.2
low Voice/Piano (Key-d)
Our Lady Of Violets-low Voice/Piano (Key-c)
Pierrot And The Moon Maiden (Key-d Flat)
The Pilgrim Cranes-low Voice/Piano (Key-f)
A Prayer-low Voice/Piano (Key-a)
Prelude Op57 No.1-low Voice/Piano (Key-b Flat)
Reconciliation-low Voice/Piano
A Reflection-low Voice/Piano (Key-d)
Retrospect-low Voice/Piano (Key-c)
A Roundel Of Rest Op52 No.2 (Key-c)
A Serenade Op61 No.1-low Voice/Piano (Key-d)
She's But A Lassie Yet (Key-e Flat)
Sunshine And Dusk-low Voice/Piano
Sundown-low Voice/Piano (Key-d)
Spring Song-low Or Medium Voice/Piano
Sleep Song-low Voice/Piano (Key-d Minor)
Sea Fret-low Voice/Piano (Key-c)
Scotch Lullabye Op57 No.3-low Voice/Piano (Key-d)
A Spring Ditty Op72 No.1-low Voice/Piano (Key-d)
A Song Of London Op52 No.1 (Key-e Minor)
A Song Of Arcady-low Voice/Piano (Key-d)
The Sands Of Dee-low Voice/Piano (Key-c)
Tyrolese Evensong - Low Voice/Piano (Key-c)
Two Songs Op56-low Or Medium Voice/Piano
Lovely Kind And Kindly Loving Op55 No.1
low Voice/Piano (Key-G)
The Trysting Tree Op72 No.3 (Key-c)
Time O'day-low Or Medium Voice/Piano
The White Knight-low Voice/Piano (Key-d)
Water-lilies-low Voice/Piano (Key-c)
The Watchman-low Voice/Piano (Key-b Flat)
Villanelle Of Firelight (Key B Flat)
Villanelle Of The Poet's Road Op74 No.5
low Voice/Piano (Key C)
The Valley Of Silence Op72 No.4 (Key-c)
A Valediction-low Voice/Piano (Key-g)
The Unforeseen Op74 No.3 (Key-b Flat)
In Moonlight In Eb
Jack and Jill
Little Polly Flinders
Sing A Song Of Sixpence
Sweet Little Jesus Boy
Son Of Mary
The Wandering Player
Nancy's Hair
My Nancy
Little Billee
The Leaping Gallery
The Meeting
One Morning In May F
Over The Sea To Skye
Just For Today
The Jovial Host
One Morning, Oh! So Early
In Love If Love Be Love
Come O'er The Stream, Charlie
The Broom O' The Cowdenknowles
The Auld Fisher
Afton Water
Fair Helen Of Kirkconnel
Lock The Door, Lariston
Jock O' Hazeldean
My Faithful Fair One
Logan Water
O Mount and Go
O Whistle and I'll Come To You, My Lad
There's Nae Luck About The House
The Spinning Wheel
The Sodger's Return
The White Cockade
When The Kye Comes Hame
Up Wi' The Carls O' Dysart
Five Songs
36 Arie di Stile Antico
36 Arias in Antique Style
Ave Maria
I Love Life
Goin' Home
From The Largo Of The Symphony From The New World, Op. 95
29 Selected Songs

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