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The Complete Guide to Playing Brushes
Rhythm Section Workshop for Jazz Directors
The Making of Burning for Buddy
A Tribute to the Music of Buddy Rich
Belwin Jazz Combo Collection
Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band Play-Along Series
Everything is Timekeeping
The Drumset Style Resource
Singin' with the Jazz Combo
The Jazz Waltz
Big Band Drumming Fill-osophy
The Pulse of Jazz
Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band Play-Along Series 2
Accent on Accents
Contemporary Drummer 1
Modern Groove - Drum Book Rock, Pop + Jazz
Ein modernes Konzept für einen universellen und methodischen Schlagzeugunterricht
African bada - solo batterie jazz avec acc.
Take the Lead - Jazz Drums
Buddy Rich
Drum Play-Along Volume 35
Jazz Drumming
How to Apply Your Vocabulary to the Drum Kit in a Musical Fashion
The Beat Of A Different Drummer
A Salute To Buddy Rich
The Condon Gang:The Chicago and New York Jazz Scen
Music Minus One Drums Deluxe 2-CD Set
Steely Dan
Drum Play-Along Volume 13
Duke Ellington - Drums
Big Band Play-Along Volume 3
Jazz Classics - Drums
Big Band Play-Along Volume 4
Standards: Big Band Play-Along Volume 7
Jazz Drumset Solos 7 Contemporary Pieces
Popular Hits - Drums
Big Band Play-Along Volume 2
45 Minutes 33 Seconds
Concerto For Drum Set
Linear Jazz Drumming
Close Encounters Of The 4Th Kind
Cahier d'études n°1
Son et accord de la batterie
Les breaks du métier
B.A.Ba du Métier
Rythmes du Cameroun
Progressive Drum Book 1
Progressive Drum Book 2
Des pistes pour les batteurs
Aebersold Jazz Ensemble, Vol. 1
Aebersold For Everyone
Jazz Basics
Logical Approach To Jazz Coordination
Jazz Drumset Basics Dvd+Chart
Natural Drumming: Lessons 1 & 2
Jazz Combo Drumming
Jazz Drum Set Independence
Jazz Drumming Essentials and More
Studio - Jazz Drum Cookbook
Jazz Time 1 Basics
Play Drums With Jazz Standards
Music Playbacks CD: Battería Jazz (Italian)
Music Playbacks CD: Batería Jazz (Spanish)
Music Playbacks CD : Batterie Jazz
Backing Tracks
Batterie facile Vol.1
Apprendre la batterie Vol.1
Exploring Jazz Drums
An Introduction to Jazz Styles, Technique and Improvisation

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