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Suzuki Bass School Bass Part, Volume 4
Strictly Strings, Book 1
Early Start on the Double Bass 1
English Edition
Früher Anfang auf dem Kontrabass 2 / Early Start 2
18 Lektionen / 18 Lessons
Früher Anfang auf dem Kontrabass 3 / Early Start 3
13 Lektionen
Essential String Method 1
Essential String Method 2
Essential String Method 3
Elementare Kontrabassetuden
Zur Festigung Der Tiefen Lagen Bis Zur Ersten Daumenlage
Initiation à la Contrebasse Jazz 
30 Morceaux pour la Contrebasse 
Pratique de la Contrebasse Jazz 
La Contrebasse Dans Le Trio
Pratique Jazz 3D Db
Tecniche Per Il Basso
Pratica del Contrabbasso Jazz in 3D
Metodo Completo Per Contrabbasso
Iniziazione Contrabbasso
The ABCs of Bass for the absolute Beginner
to the intermediate Student
The ABCs Of Bass for The Developing Student
Book 2
Mastering the Bow [Part 1]
Studies for Bass - Based on the Violin Studies of Franz Wohlfahrt
Complete Technique for Double Bass, Book 1
520 Exercises include 58 Musical Studies in Positions 1 through 7
Progressive Repertoire 1
La Contrebasse pour tous
Easy Double Bass
13 pieces for the beginner double bass player
Team Strings 2. Double Bass
Team Strings 2. Double Bass
A Comprehensive String Method - Bk 2 (Double Bass)
New Directions For Strings:
Measures Of Success For String Orch: Double Bass 1
Book 1
Tricks to Tunes Book 1 Double Bass
Tricks to Tunes Book 2 Double Bass
Tricks to Tunes Book 3 Double Bass
Todd Phillips' Bass Workout and Practice Regimen
Music Theory for Bass Players
Demystify the Fretboard and Reveal Your Full Bass Potential!
Rockin' Strings: Double Bass
Improv Lessons & Tips for the Contemporary Player
Jazz Upright Bass
Essential Elements for Strings - Book 1 with EEi
Vibrato Basics String Bass
Rounds And Canons - Shaping Musical Independence
Lorenzo Micheli And Matteo Mela Live In Milan
Learn To Play Bluegrass Bass
Vamoosh Double Bass Book 1
Vamoosh Double Bass Book 2
Vamoosh Double Bass Book 3
Vamoosh Double Bass Book 1.5

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