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Session Time For Strings
Instrumentation 13
Rhythmisch-stilistische Studien für Bass 1
für Kontrabass/ Bassgitarre
Rhythmisch-stilistische Studien für Bass 2
für Kontrabass/ Bassgitarre
Kompendium d.Kb-Bogentechnik 1
Kompendium d.Kb-Bogentechnik 2
Hommage a J S Bach op. 44
Kontrabass! Heft 1
Kontrabass! Heft 2
Elias op. 70
Symphonie d-moll
Solos For Double Bass
My First Simandl
Scale System
Suite n°1 en mi min.
Suite n°2 en ré maj.
Suite n°3 en la min.
Traditions et interrogations
A l'aube de l'expression contemporaine (10 pièces)
Esquisses (3)
A Week in Sundance
La contrebasse dans l'orchestre
La contrebasse dans l'orchestre Vol. 2
New Orleans Classics
Essential Elements 2000 for Strings - Book 2
Suite in Olden Style
Sonate BWV1013
Js Sonatina From Cantata 106 (Lw6) Db
Three Movements From Divertimento K252
Prelude & Mazurka (Cobb) Db
Round Dance Double Bass
Orr John Gay Suite Wind Band Db
Three Double Bass Excerpts
Pehkonen Pop Into The Middle Ages Double Bass
Deja Vu
Six Etudes for Contrabass
Ellington Sonata
For Solo Double Bass
Collage 1
For Unaccompanied Contrabass
Meditation and Dance
For Solo Contrabass
Nordheim Three Stanzas

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