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Double Bass Coll. Konzertst. f. Kontrabass/Klavier
Concert Pieces for Double Bass and Piano
Microjazz For Double Bass
12 Stücke in populären Stilen
Copland For Bass
Copland 2000, separate part - double bass (piano accompaniment available separately = BHI102644)
Four Dances
Concertino Opus 10
Solos for the Double-Bass Player
Sonata 1 e-moll Opus 38 (Sankey)
Neapolitan Dance
Suite Double Bass Book 1 Db & Pf
Basic Bass
Three Pieces For Double Bass and Piano
Teppo's Tunes
Miniatures, Book 1
Characteristic Pieces Book 1
Characteristic Pieces Book 2
Jurassic Jazz
Une Larme
A Tear
Sonata In G Major
Cantilena Semplice Op. 94
Suite For Eloise
Concerto In C Major
Double Trouble
Bass-Time Beginners
Feathered Friends
12 Pieces For Beginner Double Bass
Moving On Again!
Pizzicato All-Sorts
Divergent Dances
Aria Da Capo
The Mighty Chieftain Comes
Bow That Bass!
10 Pieces
Sonatina op. 69b
Five Simple Pieces For Double Bass and Piano
Five National Dances For Double Bass and Piano
Two Eighteenth-Century Pieces
3 Waltzes
Concerto in G major
A Deep Song
Sonate A
Odd Man Out
Sonatina For Double Bass And Piano
Little Concerto For Double Bass & String
Concerto (1974)
All Mimsy
4 Episodes
Concerto in D Major

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