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Way Out West
Songs of Old Kentucky
America, the Beautiful
Broken Bow
A Canadian Ballad
Two Shaker Songs
American Rounds
Shady Grove
American Song Settings, No. 3
Appalachian Folk Carol
A Star Spangled March
The Chimes of Liberty
The Star-Spangled Banner
The United States National Anthem
American Salute
Based on When Johnny Comes Marching Home
You're a Grand Old Flag
American Fantasy
based on America and America, the Beautiful
Fantasy on Chester
A Jefferson Portrait
An American Celebration (for Band and Choir)
To Honor, Thank and Remember
Thine Alabaster Cities Gleam
A Message of Hope for America
George Washington Bicentennial March
Riders for the Flag
Sabre and Spurs (March of the American Cavalry)
Everybody Loves a March
Featuring trios from The Thunderer - Manhattan Beach - The Stars and Stripes Forever
A Nation's Strength
And Lift Them to the Sky
American Collage
based on Favorite Patriotic Themes
In Their Honor
America: Sweet Land of Liberty
I Pledge Allegiance
America the Beautiful
An American Christmas
To Reap the Blessings of Freedom
A Medley of Hymns of the United States Armed Forces
American Patrol
Let Freedom Ring
Featuring America, the Beautiful - America - You're a Grand Old Flag
Song for an American Hero
A Bicentennial Fanfare
The Ultimate Patriotic Sing-Along
Ever Braver, Ever Stronger (An American Elegy)
The Star-Spangled Banner
For Instrumental or Vocal Soloist with Band
From Sea to Shining Sea
A Fantasy Based on America the Beautiful

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