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The Mill Of Memories
Variations on an Octatonic Scale
Transcribed for Clarinet in B-flat and Cello
Little Fantasy
Duettino Nr 22
Air In Bes
Duo Concertante (1988)
für Klarinette B und Violoncello
per clarinetto e violoncello
Duo Pour Clarinette et Violoncelle Op. 73 No. 3
Divertimenti For Clarinets (Series B)
Tango for two clar. und vc, Duo for clarinet and cello
Tango For Two und Duo
Night Music Opus 73
Treetop Studio for Clarinet and Cello
Trio 2 Song For Peter (Part)
Sonata for clarinet and cello
Sonata for clarinet and cello
Though Dedalus Reached
(Wanderung im Bett eines Gebirgsbaches mit Stromschnellen und Ausblicken)
Shimmer and Flow
Quinto Duetto
per clarinetto in Sib e violoncello
Two Novelettes
Short Cuts
A Suite of Dances and Vespers
Steamboat Bill Junior

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