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1st Recital Series for Cello
Solos for Beginning through Early Intermediate lev
Cello Fun
15 easy cello pieces for the first year
Concertino I for Violoncello and Piano in F
Sonata I for Violoncello and Piano in C Major
Sonata II for Violoncello and Piano in G Major
Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra Hob 2CD
VIIb: 1 in C-Major
Concerto No. 4 for Cello und Orchestra
Op. 65 in G Major
Sonata No. 5 for Cello and Basso continuo (Piano)
RV 40 in E minor
Sonata for Cello and BC Op.14 No.3,RV43 in a minor
Kompendium für Cello Band 1
Kompendium für Cello Band 2
Kompendium für Cello Band 3
Kompendium für Cello Vol. 4
Kompendium für Cello Vol. 5
Kompendium für Cello Vol. 6
Kompendium für Cello Vol. 7
Kompendium für Cello Vol. 8
Kompendium für Cello Vol. 9
Kompendium für Cello Vol. 10
Cello Concerto In E Minor Op.85
arranged for Cello (or flute or violin)
Canzone Op. 55
The Swan
from The Carnival of Animals
Elegy Op. 24 - Cello And Piano
from 'The Dolly Suite'
Air and Dance
Four Conversations
Ten Easy Tunes
First Finger Patterns
10 Easy Melodic Fragments
Teacher and I Play Cello Duets, Volume 1
Ragtime Favourites
Essential Elements - Movie Favorites for Strings
May Day Dance
Twos or Threes
Basic Fingering Chart for Cello

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