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Mastering Electric Bass
Intermediate Electric Bass
Beginning Electric Bass
Advanced Bass
Billy Sheehan: Advanced Bass
Billy Sheehan: Basic Bass
Billy Sheehan: Basic Bass
Beginning Blues
Odd Meter Bass
Victor Wooten: Super Bass Solo Technique
Alfred's Basic Bass Method Book 1
Todd Johnson Electric Bass Technique Builders
Walking Bass Line Module Sys, Vol 1: Triad Modules
Walking Bass Line Module Sys, Vol 2: Scale Modules
The Total Rock Bassist
A Fun and Comprehensive Overview of Rock Bass Playing
Alfred's Basic Bass Method, Book 2
John Patitucci: Bass Day 97
Billy Sheehan: Bass Day 97
Jaco Pastorius: Modern Electric Bass
Steve Bailey & Victor Wooten: Bass Extremes Live
Ultimate Beginner Series Mega Pak: Bass Basics
Afro-Cuban Bass Grooves
Serious Electric Bass
The Bass Player's Complete Guide to Scales and Chords
Afro-Cuban Grooves for Bass and Drums
Ultimate Beginner Series: Rock Bass Basics
Ultimate Beginner Series: Blues Bass Basics
Nur Für Anfänger: Bassgitarre
Corso Per Principianti - Basso Elettrico
La guida completa e illustrata per suonare il basso elettrico
Tapping À La Basse
Bien Debuter Basse
Bass Training Session : Blues & Rock
Bass Training Session : Rock & Hard
Bass Training Session : Jazz & Standards
Bass Training Session : Funk & Soul
Gammes De La Basse
Bass Training Session : Métier & Variété
Melodies Pour La Basse
Nelson Basse Par L'Image
Improvisation à la basse
Le Slap à la Basse en 3D
Initiationà la Basse 3D
Gammes Pour Basse 3D
200 Grooves Slap 3D Eng
La Basse Fretless
Basse Blues En 3D
Basse Memo
La Basse Jazz En 3D
Art De La Basse En Solo Bass Guitar
Les techniques du slap à la basse en 3D
La Basse 5 & 6 Cordes
La Walking Bass En 3D
100 Grooves Basse Pour Debutants
Les Bases de la Basse
Lecture Des Notes A La Basse
100 Grooves Basse Fretless Bass Guitar
Les 100 Meilleurs Riffs de Basse
Nelson Basse Funk 3D
Les Gammes Pentatoniques A La Basse
Duos Pour La Basse Bass Guitar
50 Walkings pour Basse et Contrebasse Bass
50 Grooves Funk Basse Bass Guitar
50 Lignes De Basse Rock Bass Guitar
Arpegès Basse
Gammes Basse
Les Modes de la Basse
Electric Bass
El Bajista Completo
Método de Bajo Eléctrico Vol.2
Slap Y Tapping
Walkin' On Broadway
Sex, Bass & Rock n roll
Extreme Hard Rock Bass
Il Manuale del Basso Rock
Iniziazione al Basso in 3D
Scale per il Basso in 3D
Iniciacion Al Bajo 3D
200 Grooves Slap al Basso in 3D
100 Linee di Basso 70's in 3D
Crossroads, From Blues To Funk
Fast Guide: Baixo Eléctrico (Português)
Linee di Basso
Lineas de Bajo
Escalas Para Bajo 3D
Prime Lezioni Basso
Training Session Basso: Funk & Soul
Il Basso Funk
El Bajo Funk
Suonare il Basso Elettrico
Manuale di Basso, Volume 2
Estudio de estilo
200 Grooves en Slap 3D
Bajo para Todos
Iniciación al Piano Jazz
Il Basso tramite l'immagine
Spieltechniken für Bassgitarre
Bass Training Session: Funk & Soul
Anfängerkurs für Bassgitarre in 3D
Principios Basicos Bajo Eletrcico
Bajo Electrico Básico
Il Basso in 30 minuti al giorno
Slap & Tecniche di Espressione per Basso in 3D
Autodidatta: Metodo di Basso
100 Lineas De Bajo 70S 3D
Grooves Bassgitarre & Schlagzeug
Tejero Tecnicas Para El Bajo
Groove & Basslinien
Die Pentatonik-Tonleitern an der Bassgitarre
Bass Station Vol. 2
Le Scale Pentatoniche per il Basso
50 Walkings per Basso e Contrabbasso
100 Mejores Riffs Bajo
50 Walkings para Bajo y Contrabajo
50 Linee Di Basso Blues
Rosendo Bajo En Imagenes
El Slap en el Bajo en 3D
Progressive Slap Technique For Bass Guitar
Initiation à la Basse
Iniziazione al Basso
Iniciación al Bajo
Techniques du Slap à la Basse
Técnicas del Slap en le Bajo
Techniques Modernes à la Basse
Tecniche Moderne al Basso
Tecnicas Modernas en el Bajo
Improvisation a la Basse
Improvisación en el Bajo
Grooves & Techniques de la Basse Funk
Groove e Tecniche del Basso Funk
Grooves & Técnicas del Bajo Funk
Travail Technique de la Basse
Trabajo Tecnico del Bajo
Grooves & Harmonie Jazz à la Basse
Techniques de la Walking Bass
Tecniche del Walking Bass
Técnicas Del Walking Bass
Training Session, Basse Funk
Training Session - Basso Funk
Training Session - Bajo Funk
Peter Pickow: La Guitare Basse Pour Debutants
Débutons Bien: La Guitare Basse
5-String Bass method
Scales and Modes for the 5-String Bass
Complete Book of Scales, Modes and Chords
Purrfect 4-String Bass Method
Ultimate Bass Exercises
Bass Chords and Scales In The Beginning
Hip Hop Grooves For Bass
101 Upright Bass Tips
Stuff All the Pros Know and Use
House Of Blues Bass Course
Intergalactic Bass
Metal Bass Lines
100 Blues Lessons
Bass Lesson Goldmine Series
100 Jazz Lessons
Bass Lesson Goldmine Series
Teach Yourself to Play Bass
A Quick and Easy Introduction for Beginners
Teach Yourself to Play Bass
A Quick and Easy Introduction for Beginners
Warm-Up Exercises for Bass Guitar
Slap Bass Bible
First 15 Lessons - Bass Guitar
A Beginner's Guide, Featuring Step-By-Step Lessons with Audio, Video, and Popular Songs!
Slap Bass The Ultimate Guide
Beginning Bass Volume one
Bass Day 1998
Play Bass Today!
The Ultimate Self-Teaching Method!
Beginning Bass Volume Two
Starter Series DVD
Francis Rocco Prestia Live at Bass Day 1998
Accelerate your bass playing
Louis Johnson
Right Hand Bass Techniques
Left Hand Bass Techniques
All Star Bass
Bass As a Solo Instrument
Michael Manring
More Accelerate Your Bass Playing
The Cream of Cream
Larry Graham - Funk Bass Attack
Oteil Burbridge - Who RU
Instructional DVD for 6-String Bass
Instructional Dvd For Bass
Funk-RnB Bass Lick Samples Dvd
Modern Band - Bass
A beginner's Guide for Group or Private Instruction
The Way They Play - R&B Bass Masters
You Can Play Electric Bass
The Bass Guitar of Jack Casady
Mastering The Electric Bass 1
Mastering The Electric Bass 2
Iron Maiden Bass Anthology
Hal Leonard Bass Method Book 2 (2nd edition)
Hal Leonard Bass Method Book 2 (2nd edition)
Hal Leonard Bass Method Book 3 (2nd edition)
Hal Leonard Bass Method Book 3 (2nd edition)
Hal Leonard Electric Bass Method - Complete Ed.
Contains Books 1,2, and 3
Electric Bass Method Complete Edition
The Lost Art Of Country Bass
Reggae Bass
Bass Fretboard Basics
Blues Bass
Bass Signature Licks
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Motown Bass
101 Bass Tips
Latin Bass
Jaco Pastorius Bass Signature Licks
Jaco Pastorius Bass Method
Bass Builders 70s Funk and Disco Bass
The Best Of Pat Martino
Classic Rock Bass
Essential Bass Technique 2nd Edition
The Ultimate Bass Scale Chart
Fretless Bass - A Hands-On Guide
Music Theory For Bassists
Groove Mastery
The Bassists Guide to Time, Feel and Rhythm
Bass Scale Finder
Bass Scale Finder
Funk Bass
Easy Pop Bass Lines
Bass Arpeggio Finder
Hal Leonard Bass Method - Bass Arpeggio Finder
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Greatest Hits Bass Guitar
A Step-by Step Breakdown of the Band's Bass Style and Technique
Fretboard Roadmaps Bass Guitar
Hal Leonard Bass Method DVD
Blues Bass
A Guide to the Essential Styles and Techniques
Hal Leonard Bass Method - Beginner's Pack
Improve Your Groove
The Bassist's Guide To Creativity
Dominik Hauser-Chords For Bass
Stuff! Good Bass Players Should Know
Creating Bass Lines From Chord Symbols
Bass Grooves The Ultimate Collection
FastTrack - Bass Method 1 - DVD
Dominik Hauser: Beginning Jazz Bass
Christopher Maloney
Progressive Rock Bass -
FastTrack - Bass Guitar 1 Starter Pack
Soloing for Bass
Jazz Bass Improvisation
Extreme Metal Bass
Bass for Kids
12-Bar Blues
The complete guide to bass
At A Glance - Beginning Bass
At A Glance - Scales & Modes For Bass
At A Glance - Rock Bass
Bass Hanon
75 Exercises to Build Endurance and Flexibility for Bass Guitar Players
Standing in the Shadows of Motown
The Life and Music of Legendary Bassist James Jamerson
Play Bass Today! Beginner's Pack
Bass Play-Along Volume 9
Essential Elements for Band - Book 1 - Bass Guitar
Comprehensive band method
1001 Jazz Licks
Learn to play Bass with Metallica
Bass Guitar Scale Manual
John Entwistle - Bass Guitar Master Class
Metal Bass
John Moyer of Disturbed - Modern Metal Bass
Constructing Bass Lines
Essential Rock Grooves for Bass
Berklee Workshop Series
Berklee Practice Method: Bass
Get Your Band Together
Rock Bass Lines
Slap Bass Lines
Playing the Changes: Bass
A Linear Approach to Improvising
The Bass Player's Handbook
Fingerstyle Funk Bass Lines
Anthony Vitti: Funk Bass Fills
Bass Fitness An Exercising Handbook
Building Walking Bass Lines
Expanding Walking Basslines
Fingerboard Harmony For Bass Bass Builders
Jazz Bass
Simplified Sight - Reading For Bass
Bass For Beginners The Complete Guide
Arpeggios For Bass
Bass Improvisation
The Art of Walking Bass
Blues And R&B Bass Techniques
Music Reading for Bass
The Complete Guide
Bass Playing Techniques
Bass Builders 6 String Bass
Dictionary of Bass Grooves
Jump 'N Blues Bass
Ray Brown'S Bass Method
Bass Builder's Hip-Hop Bass
FastTrack - Bass Method 1
FastTrack - Bass 1 - Songbook 1
FastTrack - Bass Method 2
FastTrack - Bass 2 - Songbook 1
Funk Bass
Play Bass Today! Level 1
Play Bass Today! Level 2
Bassiste Virtuose
A Study In Contemporary Music For The Bass
Contemporary Rock Styles For The Bass
Acoustic Bass
Einsteigerkurs Bass
Beginnerscursus Basgitaar
Electric Bass For The Young Beginner Book/Cd Set
Steve Adelson: Concert On The Chapman Stick
The Murphy Method Learn Bluegrass By Ear Slap Bass
Killer Technique: Bass Guitar
Slap Bass Encyclopedia
A Rhythmic Method for Bass Guitar
Improvising On Electric Bass
Electric Bass Method Volume 1, French Edition
Electric Bass Method 2
Basic Bass Lines
Student Bass Method
Anyone Can Play Electic Bass
You Can Teach Yourself Electric Bass
You Can Teach Yourself Electric Bass
Metodo de Bajo Estudiantil / Edicion en Espanol
Encyclopedia Of Scales and Modes For Electric Bass
Complete Blues Bass Book
Walking Bass
Reggae Grooves For Electric Bass
The Groove Book
A Study in Musical Styles for Bass
5-String Bass Chord Chart
Bass Chord Picture Book
First Lessons Bass Book/Cd Set
First Lessons Bass, Spanish Edition
Old School Bass
Je Débute La Basse En Accords
Premiers accompagnements de basse
Lettura delle note per il basso
Il basso da autodidatta
Livello principiante
Per chi inizia il basso blues
25 Linee Du Basso Reggae Et Ska
Il basso con il plettro
Empiezo el walking bass
Empiezo El Bajo Blues
Absolute Beginners: Bass Guitar Omnibus Edition
Start-Up: Bass Guitar
Basguitar For Begyndere (Bog/E-Bog/Lyd)
Bass Guitar Scale Manual
Beginning Bass Guitar
The Complete Electric Bass Player Book 1
The Method
Step One Play Bass Scales
The Gig Bag Book Of Bass Scales
Primer Nivel: Aprende Bajo Facilmente
In A Box Starter Pack: Bass Guitar
The Bass Deck
Aprende Ya: A Tocar Bajo
Bass Slappin' And Poppin' (DVD)
Absolute Beginners: Bass Guitar
Bass Slappin' & Poppin'
Bas Gitaar voor Beginners
A New Tune A Day: Bass Guitar - Book 1
Le Blues & le Rock à la Basse
Tecniche Dello Slap Al Basso
Improvvisazione Al Basso
Lavoro Tecnico Del Basso
Absolute Beginners: Bass Guitar
Bass Guitar
Bas Gitaar voor Beginners
Hot Licks: Tommy Shannon - Double Trouble Bass
Hot Licks Stu Hamm - Deeper Inside The Bass
Bill Dickens: The Collection
Ultimate Beginner: Bass Basics (Step One And Two)
An Introduction To Musical Styles: Bass
Steve Hall: Scales For The Bass Guitar In 3D
Bass Guitar Techniques
50 Funk Grooves For The Bass
50 Basslines For Beginners
50 Blues Basslines
Improvisation Avec Les Pentatoniques A La Basse
50 Grooves en Slap a La Basse
Bruno Tauzin: Comment Créer Des Lignes De Basse
La Basse Old School
Bruno Tauzin: 50 Grooves Pour Basse 5 & 6 Cordes
Looper & Créativité A La Basse
Les Arpèges À La Basse
Je Débute La Walking Bass
Jé Débute - La Basse Blues
25 Lignes De Basse Reggae Et Ska
Gammes Basse Pour 5 & 6 Cordes
Arpeges Basse Pour 5 & 6 Cordes
120 Grooves Pentatoniques La Basse
Le Rythme La Basse
L'Oreille Musicale Pour La Basse (Ear Training)
La Basse En Autodidacte
50 Basslinien für Anfänger
Teoria Musicale Per Il Basso
Bruno Tazzino: 50 Linee Di Basso Pop/Folk
50 Assoli Di Basso Facili
Improvvisazione Con Le Pentatoniche Sul Basso
50 Grooves In Slap Per Il Basso
Come Creare Delle Linee Di Basso
Gli Arpeggi Per Basso
50 Linee Di Basso Metal
120 Grooves Pentatonici Per Il Basso
Il Ritmo Sul Basso
Il Basso Old School
Grooves, Rhythm 'n' Blues, Soul & Funk
Las Escalas Pentatónicas Al Bajo
100 Migliori Riffs Di Basso
50 Blues-Basslinien
Las Técnicas Del Slap En El Bajo En 3D
Las Grandes Melodías Clásicas Al Bajo
Toni Lorenzo: 50 Líneas De Bajo Para Principiantes
50 Líneas De Bajo Blues
50 Solos De Bajo Sencillos
Improvisación Con Las Pentatónicas En El Bajo
50 Grooves En Slap En El Bajo
El Bajo Old School
120 Grooves Pentatónicos En El Bajo
Bass Legends - John Paul Jones
Bass Legends - Flea
Learn To Play Jaco Pastorius
Bass Legends - John Deacon
Bass Legends - Paul McCartney
Bass Legends - Mark King
Lick Library
Learn To Play Funk Basslines - Top 20
Phil Williams' Slap Bass In 6 Weeks - Week 1
Phil Williams' Slap Bass In 6 Weeks - Week 2
Phil Williams' Slap Bass In 6 Weeks - Week 3
Phil Williams' Slap Bass In 6 Weeks - Week 4
Phil Williams' Slap Bass In 6 Weeks - Week 5
Phil Williams' Slap Bass In 6 Weeks - Week 6
Learn To Play Rock Basslines
Rockschool Bass - Debut (2012)
Rockschool Bass - Grade 2 (2012)
Rockschool Bass - Grade 3 (2012)
Rockschool Bass - Grade 4 (2012)
Rockschool Bass - Grade 6 (2012)
Rockschool Bass - Grade 7 (2012)
Rockschool Bass - Grade 8 (2012)
Crash Course: Bass
Xtreme Bass
Ton Prof de Basse
Reggae Bass
Pour Acoustiques & Electriques Basses
Rgt Bass Guitar Playing
Advanced Grades 6-8
Improvising Bass Guitar Book 1
Early Stages
RGT Bass Guitar Playing Early Grades Preliminary
Grades 2
Rockschool Bass Debut (2018)
Rockschool Bass Grade 1 (2018)
Rockschool Bass Grade 2 (2018)
Rockschool Bass Grade 3 (2018)
Rockschool Bass Grade 4 (2018)
Rockschool Bass Grade 5 (2018)
Rockschool Bass Grade 6 (2018)
Rockschool Bass Grade 8 (2018)
Easy Rock Bass (engl.)
Basics Electric Bass
Basse électrique débutant
Basix método de bajo
Modern Electric Bass
Volonte' Editore
The Nordic Bass
Bass Guitar

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