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The Jazz Singer's Handbook
Approaching the Standards for Jazz Vocalists
30 Dictees Pour La Formation Auditive
Eleve Prof 1 Prep 1 Book
30 Dictees Pour La Formation Auditive
Eleve Prof 1 Prep 2 Book
Pour Developper L'audition Interieure
Cycle 011
Mes Premieres Intonations - Cy031
Und Tanzlieder Für Junge Leute
Sing Mit Uns!
15 Tierlieder Gesungen Von Vicky, Franky & Friends
Nur Für Anfänger: Gesang
Bien débuter le chant
Chant Pop & Variete
16 Leçons Solfège à Chanter: Cours Élémentaire B
Version en 4 clés sans accompagnement
Solfège à chanter pour les intonations
13 Leçons en clé de sol avec acc
My Personal Conductor Series: Soprano Arias
Volume 1
Cantiamo In Modo Corretto
Canti Per Bambini (50)
Versione Italiana Di Davide Liani
Cantiamo Insieme Vol. 1
Cantante Autodidatta
Rapido - Metodo per Canto
Tecnica Vocale
Una Guida Per Trovare La Vostra Vera
Metodo Teorico Pratico Per Il Canto Moderno
Professione Cantante + Cd
Manuale Di Canto + Dvd
Ear Training
Metodo Canto Teens
Manuale di Canto, Volume 2
Canto Básico
How To Sing
Initiation Au Chant
Die VOCES8 Methode
Der musikalische Senkrechtstart in den Schultag für Stimme, Geist und Körper
La Méthode VOCES8 Singklassen
J'apprends... le Chant... tout simplement Vol 1
15 Chants: Classique, Jazz, Variété, Gospel - Methode complète, claire et progressive
Junior Songscape: Earth, Sea & Sky
It's never too late to sing: songbook
Eat Sleep Sing
A practical guide to the benefits of singing
Teaching Key Stage 2 Music yr 3
Music About Us: Transport
What's the difference?
It's time to wake up
I'm walking down the street
Around the world/1000 years
Singing Numbers
Sight Singing Practice
First Year Harmony
Second Year Harmony
Jazz Phrasing
A Workshop For The Jazz Vocalist
Hear It And Sing It! Exploring Modal Jazz
Hear It And Sing It!
Let's Sing All Pop Hits CD
Handel's Messiah
Warm-ups for Successful Performance
Pop Warm-Ups & Work-Outs for Choir 2
For Changed and Unchanged Voices
How to Sight Sing
Hear It and Sing It! Exploring the Blues
Hear It and Sing It!
First, We Sing! Songbook Three
More Songs and Games for the Music Class
Singing with Expression
A Guide to Authentic & Adventurous Song Interpretation
First 15 Lessons - Voice Pop Singers' Edition
A Beginner's Guide, Featuring Step-By-Step Lessons with Audio, Video, and Popular Songs!
Rock House Lead Singer From Start to Stage
Complete Course for All Singers
The Art Of Singing
Vocal Strength And Power
The Pop Singer's Warm-Up Kit
Marjoring In Music: All The Stuff You Need To Know
The Singer's Tool Box
The Craft Of Christian Songwriting
Learn to Sing Harmony
You Can Sing!
An Interactive Vocal Lesson For Beginners
Learn To Sing Western Harmony
Vocal Harmony Workshop
Singing in the African American Tradition-Volume 2
Building a Vocal Community
A Lesson With Odetta
Exploring Life, Music And Song
Teach Bluegrass And Gospel Quartet Singing
Harmony Vocals (The Essential Guide)
Vocal Technique
A Guide to Finding Your Real Vioce
Rock Vocals - A Guide To Proper Technique
Advanced Vocal Technique Middle Voice
FastTrack - Cantante 1 (ESP)
Solos for Kids
3 Puccini Arias for Soprano
36 Solos for young Singers
Contemporary Singing Techniques
Men's Edition
Contemporary Singing Techniques
Women's Edition
Sight-Sing Any Melody Instantly
A Manual about Beautiful Singing for Singers ...
You'll be in my heart - from Tarzan
ShowTrax CD
Voice Builders For Better Choirs
Down to the River to Pray
from O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Teach Me the Blues
Pop Warm-Ups & Work-Outs For Guys
Jazz Warm-Ups And Vocalises
Pop Warm-Ups & Work-Outs For Choir
Sight-Sing A Song! -Music Reading
Sight-Sing A Song! 2 -
Double Dream Hands
Blues Scatitudes
Lead Singer Vocal Techniques Pop to Rock
Level 1
Patterns of Sound - Vol. I
A Practical Sight-Singing Course
Patterns of Sound - Vol. II
A Practical Sight-Singing Course
Sight Singing Made Simple
School of Sight-Singing
Elementary Progressive Exercises, Op. 1
Rhythmical Articulation
Solfége des Solféges - Book II
Solfége des Solféges - Book III
Método de Solfeo - Complete
Método de Solfeo - Book I
Vocal Method, Op. 31
Voice Technique
The Ultimate Practice Guide for Vocalists
Berklee Workshop Series
Vocal Technique
Developing Your Voice for Performance
Beginning Ear Training
The Contemporary Singer:
Elements Of Vocal Technique
Your Singing Voice (Contempo
Arias for Bass
The Rock-N-Roll Singer's Survival Manual
Sightsinging (The Complete Method for Singers)
FastTrack - Lead Singer Method 1
Singing In The African American Tradition
Successful Sight Singing Book 1 (Vocal)
Successful Sight Singing Book 2 (Vocal)
Successful Sight Singing Book 2 (Conductor)
Successful Warm-Ups Book 1: Conductor's Edition
Successful Warm-Ups Book 2: Conductor's Edition
Singing In Tune
Successful Warmups 1 Singers Ed.
Successful Warmups 2 Singers Ed.
One-Minute Sight Singing - Beginner/Intermediate
Killer Technique: Voice
The Murphy Method: Harmony Singing Made Easy
Anyone Can Sing
You Can Teach Yourself To Sing
Singing In Irish Gaelic
How to Sing American
Zang voor Beginners
Sing! Vocal Warm-ups For All Styles
Primer Nivel: Aprende Canto Facilmente
Ear Training
Basic Instruction In Melody And Rhythm Reading
How To Blitz! Sight Singing
The Novello Guide To Sight-Singing
An Interactive Course for All Choral Singers
77 Rounds And Canons
Class Songs & Sight Singing
Sing At Sight
More Singing At Sight
Rockschool: Vocals Grade 1 - Female (2014)
Rockschool: Vocals Grade 2 - Female (2014)
Rockschool: Vocals Grade 3 - Female (2014)
Rockschool: Vocals Grade 3 - Male (2014)
The Complete Vocal Workout
Basic Vocal Workout
Xtreme Vocals
Concone: Metodo De Canto Volume 1 Voice
Concone: Metodo De Canto Volume 2 Voice
Der Notenschatz - Songs Schlager Oldies Bd 1
4 Kennenlern-CDs zum Buch
Der Hüttenmusikant
3 Kennenlern-CDs
Schlager Express
3CDs - 'Backing Tracks
3 Kennenlern-CDs
100 Hits In C-Dur Band 2
5 Playback-CDs
100 Der Schönsten Evergreens, Schlager, Oldies? - Backing Tracks
100 Hits In C-Dur Band 5
6 Playback-CDs
140 Deutsche Schlager Der 50er Und 60er Jahre
3 Kennenlern-CDs
140 Deutsche Schlager Der 70er Und 80er Jahre
4 Playback-CDs 70er
140 Deutsche Schlager Der 70er Und 80er Jahre
4 Playback-CDs 80er
Oper Und Operette Leicht Gemacht (3 Playback-CDs)
Sternstunden Der Weihnacht
Begleit CD - Backing Tracks
Voice For Life: Singer's Workbook 2 Light Blue
Voice For Life: Singer's Workbook 3 Dark Blue
Educación de la Voz, 2
Canto, Ortofonía, Dicción, Trastornos Vocales)
Educación de la Voz, 3 (Canto Ortofonía, Dicción)
305 Dictados a 1 y 2 Voces
Lenguaje Musical en Canciones Populares
Rockschool: Vocals Grade 8 - Male (2014)
Discover Your Voice
Sight-Singing 1 Vol. 1
A fresh approach
Sight-Singing 2 Vol. 2
A fresh approach
How To Be A Bad Singer!
Supplementary Exercises For First Year Harmony
Method On Italian Singing
From Recitar Cantando to Rossini
Basics Voice
Rejsen Til Amerika - En Musikalsk Historie
Syng Mere Musical
Hele Året Rundt
En Sang På Vejen 2

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