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Be still, my soul
Hymn on a Theme from Finlandia op. 26
Sabor: Yulishka Under The Lilac Tree
O Night Divine
Cantique De Jean Racine
Schlof Main Kind (A Yiddish Lullaby)
Cradle Song
Tollite Hostias
Clair de lune
In Paradisum (from Requiem, Opus 48)
Ronald Binge: Where The Gentle Avon Flows
A Gipsy Songs
The Echoing Green (And Other Songs) Ssa/Piano
Invocation Of Peace
David Deck The Halls Ssa/Pf
Adam Lay I-Bounden
The Nightingale
Who Shall Be Fleetest
Hark! Hark! The Lark
He In Tears That Soweth
Silent Oh Moyle S/Ssa/Piano
Let's Imitate Her Notes Above
Orpheus With His Lute
Sabbath Morn
Autumn Song
Beethoven Creations Hymn
Over A Grave Ssa And Piano
Come Away Death
Brahms Death Of Trenar
The Nightingale
Orpheus With His Lute Ssa/Piano
From The Green Heart Of The Waters Ssa/Piano
Beauteous Morn
The Little Sandman
he Goslings Ssa And Piano
A Song Of Rest Ssa And Piano
Granville Bantock On Himalay Ssa/Piano
The Lass With The Delicate Air
Red O'er The Forest
The Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)
Alec Rowley Farandole Ssa/Piano
Two Spanish Carols
Alleluia Puer Natus
Owl And The Pussy-cat
Fair Was The Garden
Come, Gentle Sleep
Hiawatha's Wedding Feast
No Room At The Inn (The Exeter Carol)
La Fede (La foi)
La Speranza
This we know
Grosse Halleluja
Cantique de Pâques
Ave Verum
My Lover Is A Fisherman
Two Choruses for Women's Voices (Ssa)
A Far Island

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