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Alma Phantasien
Sie Ist Aber
Watchman, Tell Us Of The Night Op. 34
A Song to the Lute in Musicke
Seven Blues Fragments from Southern Voices
Five Shakespeare Songs
Three Songs on Poems of Louise Bogan
A Winters Tale
Christes Crosse (by Thomas Morley)
Pull My Daisy
Lightenings VIII
Silently, A Wind Goes Over
Five Amrous Sighs
Songs & Arias for Soprano
Poèmes surréalistes (2) La Libellule bleue
Nuit chromatique
Hymne à la volupté
Liederzyklus - Nachlese V
Le Bestiaire
A Mini Song-Cycle For Gina
... E Per Lunghi Filamenti (Omaggio A W.A. Mozart
Per Soprano E Pianoforte (1991)
Sphärenmusik/The Music Of The Spheres
The Music Of The Spheres

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