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Claus Hessler's Camp Duty Update
Snare Drum Rudiments: Bridging the Gap Between Past and Present
Sound Innovations for Concert Band
Ensemble Development for Young Concert Band - Chorales and Warm-ups
Yamaha Snare Drum Student
Student Instrumental Course: Drum Student, Level I
Student Instr Course: Drum Student, Level II
Student Instr Course: Drum Student, Level III
Etude In Waltz Time
Readin', Ritin', and Rudiments
A Collection of Studies for the Beginning Snare Drummer
Artistic Studies For Snare Drum
Progressive Studies
Progressive Studies for The Snare Drum
Progressive Studies
Etudes courtes (24) Vol.G
Percussion All-In Snaredrum Vol. 3
German Version
Percussion All-In Snaredrum Vol. 4
German Version
Exercises 26/27 (Snare Drum Peace Marches 1 and 2)
180 Exercices Et Etudes Pour Caisse Claire
Volume 3
20 Etudes Progressives Pour Caisse Claire
Stickin'Stock - 15 Etudes Pour Caisse Claire
18 Etudes Pour Caisse Claire
Studies in Rhythm
A Fresh Approach To The Snare Drum
Musical Studies for the Intermediate Snare Drummer
Snare Drum Etudes, Book I
Snare Drum Etudes, Book II
Snare Drum Etudes, Book III
Drum Rudiments: A Simple Approach
Drumming Facts, Tips and Warm-Ups QWIKGUIDE
The Rudimental Cookbook
Studies for Snare Drum Vol. 2
Studies for Snare Drum Vol. 3
Studies for Snare Drum Vol. 4
Die Vorschläge
Studies for Snare Drum Vol. 5
Der Wirbel
Elementary Snare Drum Studies
Advanced Snare Drum Studies
The Blue Book
A Test Guide For The Modern Percussionist

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