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A Pun-Net of Classics
Great composers with a swing
Fancy Folk
Three popular melodies from around the world
Strictly for the Birds
Three ornithological pieces
Our Feathered Friends
Four ornithological fancies
Debussy meets the swing era
The Ice Maiden Cometh
A slinky piece in swing style
Snowball on the Rocks
The Puce Penguin
A Snazzy Jazzy Caracter
Bach For Saxophone - Saxophone Duets
Twelve duets
Pathetico, Adagio & Polacca
For Bb or Eb Saxophone and Piano
10 Instrumental Duets
Variations & Imitations
on Old Hungarian Folksongs for Solo Saxophone
Play 'em Right! - Latin 1
Play 'em Right! - Latin 2
Play 'em Right! - Rock 1
Play 'em Right! - Rock 2
Het grote 5 december Duettenboek
16 bekende Sinterklaasliedjes voor twee blazers
Alle Jahre wieder
und 23 andere bekannte Weihnachtslieder für zwei B
Play 'em Right! - 12 Duets in various styles
26 Duetten voor kerst
voor twee blazers
Horen Lezen & Spelen De Bekende Liedjes
Top Hits Solo 1
Top Hits Duo 1
Écouter, Lire & Jouer 1 - Les Chansons Célèbres
Horen Lezen & Spelen Speelboek
Dynamic Dances
Graded Concert Studies
Play Your Favourite Songs
Top Hits Trio 1
Top Hits Solo 2
Écouter, Lire & Jouer 2- Les Solos
Sparkling Solos
Horen Lezen & Spelen Stijlboek
Hören, Lesen & Spielen 3 Stilbuch
Écouter, Lire & Jouer 3 - Les Styles Musicaux
Two on Tour
Universal Tunes for Two
Stylish Adventure
Album Vol. I for Alto Saxophone in Eb and Piano
Album Vol. II for Alto Saxophone in Eb and Piano
Album Vol. III for Alto Saxophone in Eb and Piano
The Saxophonist's Bedside Book
Teacher and I Play Saxophone Duets, Volume 1
Teacher and I Play Saxophone Duets, Volume 2
For two Eb or Bb Saxophones
Thirty Miniature Fun Duets for 2 Saxophones
A progressive guide to sight reading
Mixed Doubles
Fifty Five For Fun
A Collection of Attractive Easy Tunes
Pleasure Time - 99 Melodies
Fancy Melodies
Saxophone Solo
Modern Course for Saxophone Book 5
Saxologie deel 1
Introduction and Dance
for Saxo Bb, Saxo Eb, Clarinet Bb, Trumpet Bb

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