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Mike Di Liddo: Easy Jazz Guitar-  Voicings & Comping from Jamey Aebersold Volume 54 Maiden Voyage

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Mike Di Liddo: Easy Jazz Guitar- Voicings & Comping from Jamey Aebersold Volume 54 Maiden Voyage

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Mike Di Liddo: Easy Jazz Guitar Voicings from Jamey Aebersold Volume 54 Maiden Voyage
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Mike De Liddo's new primer for guitarist is written with the newcomer to jazz in mind. He presents a simple yet thorough approach that beginner and intermediate jazz guitarists will really benefit from. For instance, take just three songs from this volume and work through the examples until you can confidently play along with Mikes recording you will already have learned a lot about how to accompany (comp for) other instruments in a small group setting.

Teaching yourself to comp by listening to records can take a lifetime. But here Mike has done all the groundwork and laid it out on a plate. The portions are manageable, and for each song he shows you how to comp in three or four steps. At first, most voicings are sustained for at least four beats, so you dont have to worry about what rhythm to play until you are comfortable with the changes.

Easy Jazz Guitar Comping in 3 steps

Step 1 Root/Bass Voicings
Each song is introduced with what Mike calls Root/Bass Voicings With these shapes the root is on either the fifth or sixth strings, and the lowest sounding note in the chord. These voicings are useful for hearing the harmony, playing without a bass player, solo guitar or duos. Learn to play these examples slowly, out of time at first if necessary. Use these examples to help you sing the root movement of each song as you learn it.

Step 2 Combo Voicings
These examples use the top four strings and work well with a bass player. They will sound good with a small group rhythm section consisting of guitar, piano, bass and drums. Again, first you should start by learning one set of voicings very slowly out of time until you can play along with Mikes recording on the CD.

Step 3 Applying Comping Rhythms
For each song Mike introduces some basic comping rhythms appropriate to that song and demonstrates how you apply these rhythms to the combo voicings. This is where you take the new voicings that you now have under your fingers and practice improvising swinging, syncopated rhythms that will support the soloists you are going to accompany.

Listen to audio examples

Additional Material
As if that wasnt enough, the icing on the cake comes with all the additional material crammed into the book. It would take most players weeks of transcribing to figure out several variations for each song. But for each song Mike includes additional that will help you double or triple your return, by adding some simple variations and polish to what you have already learned. The additional material varies according to each different song and will really help you spread your wings as you start to build your basic comping vocabulary:
• Turnaround variations
• Guide tone comping (3rds and 7ths) examples for Bb Blues, Summertime and Satin Doll
• Swing comping rhythms and rhythmic variations applied to combo voicings
• Quartal harmony voicings with comping rhythms
• Guitar transcriptions of great sounding piano figures such as Duke Ellingtons introduction to Satin Doll, a Basie style ending, Herbie Hancocks Piano Figure on Cantaloupe Island
• Helpful performance notes for each song
• 7 soloing tips from Jamey Aebersold
• Summary of 60 combo voicings use this to build your vocabulary once you know a few shapes.
• Parent scales notated in 12 keys for the 7 most commonly occurring chord types (major, dominant, minor, altered etc)
• Glossary of terms used in the book and by musicians
• List of Historically Significant Jazz Recordings

Song list and Suggested order of study
In this primer the songs are presented in the same order as the original Jamey Aebersold play along Volume 54: Maiden Voyage. However, from a guitarist point of view it doesnt make much sense to dive in with quartal harmony voicings on a minor modal tune like Impressions. So instead we suggest you follow the suggested order of study for guitarists recommended in the foreword which is:

Bb Blues
Watermelon Man
Song For My Father
Maiden Voyage
Cantaloupe Island
Satin Doll
Blue Bossa (as Solar Flair)
Autumn Leaves
F Blues

Includes both standard notation and guitar frames with fingerings for every voicing.

Book/2CDs, 48 pages

Some Customer Testimonials
"This book slows things down so beginning jazz compers can get a handle on the voicings and how to connect themWhen you've worked through this book, you are MILES down the road toward being a good jazz rhythm guitarist."

"Modern jazz comping is a tough thing to learn, but this book offers a practical intro to the art. The VERY thorough CD is a little over the top, but better too much than too little. One of my students is really learning a lot from this book."

"I've found this book to be extremely useful in helping build my comping skills. The fact that it uses chord block and properly written music notes on the staff, you can use both to increase your chord vocabulary, and increase your reading skills. I found that I sounded much more mature on the guitar, making my own chord comps in a very short time."

"Very straight-forward approach to exploring the building bocks of comping technique and developing a working harmonic vocabulary. I really like overview of quartal voicings as I've long sought to get something of the Bill Evans/McCoy Tyner modal flavors applied to guitar. This is a valuable book to have on your music shelf."

"For jam sessions without bass, the root-based voicings are useful (we are not all privileged to have a bass accompaniment when we play). He also shows some guide tone voicings (thirds and sevenths). I appreciate the way the author has broken everything down into chords, rhythms, quartal harmonies, and up-the-neck voicings - all invaluable and necessary when moving through the jazz guitar curriculum."

Additional Information

Short Description Mike Di Liddo: Easy Jazz Guitar Voicings from Jamey Aebersold Volume 54 Maiden Voyage
Code SU052C
Artist/Author/Series Jamey Aebersold Supplements
Instrument Guitar
Level Intermediate
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Edition No
Format Book/CD
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