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The Sergeants Song
Passing By
Trumpet Voluntary
The Admirals Broom
The Martyrs Of The Arena
The Soldiers Chorus From Faust
Little Tommy Went A-Fishing
The Lord Is My Shepherd
A Roman War Song
A Roman War Song
Row, Boatman, Row
The Winds
A Dirge For Two Veterans
The Lee Shore
Sailor Shanties
I Sowed The Seeds Of Love
The Trumpet Shall Sound
The Feast Of Feasts
Song Of The Kings Men
Bright Is The Ring Of Words
Follow Me Down To Carlow
O Saviour Friend, O Loving Guide
She Dwelt Among The Untrodden Ways
Arise From Thy Slumbers
Come, Sleep
Fairest Gwem
The Keel Row
As We Sailed Out Of London River
Duncan Gray
The Choral Music Of Peter Warlock - Volume 2
Sociable Songs

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