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Jazz Guitar Sight-Reading
Jazz Guitar for Classical Cats: Harmony
The Classical Guitarist's Guide to Jazz
Jazz Guitar for Classical Cats: Chord/Melody
Gypsy Jazz Guitar, Volume 1
A Tribute to Gypsy Jazz * Introduction Into the Style of Jazz-Manouche
An Evening with Tal Farlow
An Evening with John Abercrombie
Rhythm Section Workshop for Jazz Directors
Jazz Guitar for the Absolute Beginner
Adam Levy: Play the Right Stuff
Adam Levy: Play the Right Stuff
Jazz Sounds for Guitar
Belwin Jazz Combo Collection
Sittin' In with the Big Band, Vol. 1
Frank Gambale: Acoustic Improvisation
Easy Soloing for Jazz Guitar
Joe Diorio: Creative Jazz Guitar
Sittin' In with the Big Band, Vol. 2
The Jazz Guitar Experience
Alfred's PLAY: Beg Jazz Guitar
The Ultimate Multimedia Instructor
Alfred's PLAY: Jazz Guitar 1
The Ultimate Multimedia Instructor
Alfred's PLAY: Jazz Guitar 2
The Ultimate Multimedia Instructor
Playing Guitar in Jazz Band
The Classical Guitarist's Guide to Jazz
Alfred's PLAY: Jazz Guitar 3
The Ultimate Multimedia Instructor
Jazz Soloing Strategies for Guitar
The Guitar Style Resource
Singin' with the Jazz Combo
The Articulate Jazz Musician
Intermediate Jazz Guitar
The Complete Jazz Guitar Method
Steve Morse Highlights
A Documentation of the Style and Technique of Steve Morse
Frank Gambale: Concert with Class
Ted Greene: Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing Vol. 1
Pat Martino: The Early Years
Jazz, Classical And Beyond
Acoustic Masterclass
Exciting Sounds of the Big Band Era
The Ellington Collection for Solo Guitar
Masters Of Jazz Guitar
Jazz Guitar Basics
Jazz Guitar Secrets
Play JazzRock
Jazz Guitar Light(s)
Michael Sagmeister's Arpeggien - Jazzgitarre
Introduction: Modern Jazz Guitar
If Bach Were A Latino?!
Ragtime, 8 Composizioni
Accompagnements & Solos Jazz & Swing À La Guitar
Les Tubes Du Jazz, Vol. 2 Guitar
Les Tubes Du Jazz Guitare Volume 1
Nouvelle Edition
Les Tubes Du Jazz Guitare Volume 2
Improvisation Jazz A La Guitare En 3D
Bossa Nova Standards For Guitar + Cd
Jazz Standards For Guitar + Cd
Latin Standards
Chanson Francaise For Jazz Guitar
Ballads For Jazz Guitar
Standard For Classical
Grandi Musicisti Italiani
Bossa Nova Standards 2
Jazz Standards For Guitar Volume 2
Bach For Jazz
Easy Jazz Guitar Vol 1
The Beatles for Jazz Guitar
Easy Std For Classical
In Session With The Dave Weckl Band
Guitar Edition
Jazz Licks
Un temps de jazz (3 pièces)
Jazz Notes Guitare 1 (5 pièces)
Jazz Notes Guitare 2 : Le blues de l'homme moderne
Jazz-rock (6 pièces)
L'Improvisation jazz par les arpèges
Jazz Notes Guitare 4 (5 pièces)
Jazz Notes Guitare 5 (4 pièces)
Blues Cruise
13 ways to explore the blues
Jazzgitaar - een introductie
Accompagnamento Nella Musica Leggera E Jazz
Guitar Chords (1536) For Pop-Rock-Jazz
Jazz Standards for solo guitar
Jazz Masters Play Gershwin
Jazz Kanons
Die Noten
Jazz Phrasing for Guitar Volume 1
Guitarama Jazz Story Hors-série 1
Modal Mastery for Jazz Guitar Improvisation
Comprehensive Technique For Jazz Musicians-2nd Ed.
Jazz Guitar Chord Thesaurus
Pat Metheny: What's It All About
Wes Montgomery
Guitar Play-Along Volume 159
First Jazz Standards
Jazz Masters Play Gershwin
Hal Leonard Solo Guitar Library
Big Book of Backing Tracks
200 High-Quality Play-Along Tracks in All Styles
Bebop Guitar Solos
Play like Robben Ford
The Ultimate Guitar Lesson Book
Introduction to Jazz Guitar
Best of Herb Ellis
Artist Transcriptions for Guitar
Jazz Swing Guitar
Best of Lenny Breau
Modern Jazz & Fusion Guitar
More Than 140 Video Examples!
Contemporary Jazz Guitar Solos
Trading Licks: Charlie Christian & T-Bone Walker
Jazzical Guitar
Classical Favorites Played in Jazz Style
Jazz Guitar Fretboard Navigation
From Bach to Bebop
Solo Jazz Guitar Standards
16 Songs Expertly Arranged in Chord-Melody Style As Popularized on YouTube!
Smooth Jazz
Guitar Play-Along Volume 124
Jazz Guitar Improvisation
Master Class
Target Tones
Bebop and Swing Guitar Instructional Book
From the Classic Hot Licks Video Series
The Jazz Guitar Handbook
A Complete Course in All Styles of Jazz
Soloing with Modes
Ultimate Guitar Techniques Series
Cool Jazz for Guitar
Al Di Meola - Music, Words, Pictures
Pat Metheny Songbook
Al Di Meola Solos
Mark Whitfield
Johnny Smith Guitar Solos
Al Di Meola - Original Charts: 1996-2006
Django Reinhardt: The Definitive Collection
Pat Metheny Trio: 99 - 00
Pat Metheny - Question And Answer
Pat Metheny Trio: Live
Pat Metheny - Rejoicing
Pat Metheny: One Quiet Night (Tab)
The Best Of Mike Stern
Best of Robben Ford
Best of Wes Montgomery
Chord-Melody Guitar
Modern Jazz Concepts For Guitar
Early Jazz And Swing Songs
Robben Ford Signature Licks
Inside The Blues 1942-1982 (Updated Edition)
Bossa Nova Guitar
Barney Kessel - Signature Licks
Jazz Guitar Icons
Miles Davis For Solo Guitar
Guitar Play-Along Volume 16
Jazz Greats
Guitar Play-Along Volume 44
Fingerpicking Jazz Standarts
Fingerpicking Jazz Favorites: Guitar Solo
John McLaughlin & the Mahavishnu Orchestra
Jazz Standards for Solo Guitar
Christmas Carols
Jazz Guitar Chord Melody Solos
Jazz Favorites For Easy Guitar
Django Reinhardt
Guitar Play-Along Volume 144
Duke Ellington - Guitar
Big Band Play-Along Volume 3
Jazz Classics-Guitar
Big Band Play-Along Volume 4
A Guide to Chord-Melody: Jazz Guitar
Joe Pass - Solo Jazz Guitar
Rags for Guitar
Berklee Jazz Standards for Solo Guitar
Guitar Studies Scales
Guitar Studies - Chords
Hot Rats
Jazz Guitar Improvisation
Sonate pour Guitare
Ten Jazz-Rock Etudes For Lead Guitar
Bases fondamentales de l'harmonie
Feeling Vol.1
Feeling Vol.2
Guide pratique du guitariste
Les Guitarythmes
Ragtime Guitare
Accords pour gaucher (576)
Le Blues acoustique
Le Blues picking
Secrets des accords à 4 Sons
Harmonisation de thèmes
Carribean guitar
Advancing guitarist
La Pompe : accompagnement jazz
Passeport pour l'improvisation
Blues Fusion
Around the blues Vol.1
Latin colours
Easychords : guitare
Easyscales : guitare
Guitare solo n°1 : Maxime Le Forestier
Guitare solo n°2 : Pascal Obispo
Autour de la guitare
L'Atelier guitare électrique Vol.1
Guitare improvisation Vol.1
Guitare improvisation Vol.2
L'Atelier guitare électrique Vol.2
Guitare di Corsica Vol.1
Guitare Breizh Vol.1
Guitare solo n°3 : Claude Nougaro
Guitare du Dauphiné Vol.1
Guitare solo n°4 : Johnny Hallyday
9 pièces spécialement adaptées pour guitare
Guitare du Nord
Guitare Catalane
Guitare solo n°6 : Gospel
Guitare solo n°8 : Francis Cabrel
Around The Blues 2
La guitare et ses accords
Guitare acoustique
Improvisations 1935-1949
Jouez dans tous les styles Vol.1
Picking jazz
Remembering Marcel and Chet
Autour Du Jazz
La guitare brésilienne
Gammes et modes des années 2000
Guitare solo n°7 : Hugues Aufray
Guitare Tzigane
Les Globe-trott'airs
Country Picking in Nashville
Blues in Nashville
Aebersold Jazz Ensemble, Vol. 1
Aebersold For Everyone
Jazz Basics
Jazz Guitar Structures With Online Audo
Boosting Your Solo Power
Jazz Guitar Technique
Jazz Guitar Comping
Jimmy Bruno Solo
Vic Juris - A Second Look
Jonathan Kreisberg - Unearth
MB3 Jazz Hits, Volume 1
John Pisano's Guitar Nights
Six Essential Fingerings For The Jazz Guitarist
Jazz Guitar Stylings Of Howard Roberts
L'Esprit Manouche Book With Online Audio
A Comprehensive Study of Gypsy Jazz Guitar
Soul Jazz
Gig Savers: Killer Comping
Gypsy Jazz Jam
Swing To Bop
Swing To Bop: The Music Of Charlie Christian
Benedetto Players In Concert
Melodic Improvising For Guitar Book
With Online Audio
Buscarino Players In Concert Expanded Edition
Guitar Solos - Volume 2
Tal Farlow: Live at Bowling Green State University
In The Pocket (Playing In)
Melodic Studies
Jazz Intros And Endings Book With Online Audio
Coltrane Changes
Applications of Advanced Jazz Harmony for Guitar
Advanced Jazz Guitar Improvisation Book
With Online Audio
Comping Concepts For Jazz Guitar
Modern Blues Book With Online Audio
Jazz Pentatonics Advanced Improvising Concepts
For Guitar
Jazz Ear Training
Learning to Hear Your Way Through Music
Jazz Guitar Scale Chart
Modern Chords
Chords/Scales/Arpeggios/Etudes Workout
Live At Chris Jazz Cafe
Jazz Guitar Lines Workout Guitar (All) Book
Jazz Scale Workout
Sweet And Lowdown
Jimmy Bruno Live at Chris' Jazz Café Volume 2
Jazz Guitar Phrasing Workout Book/Cd Set
Guitar Arpeggio Studies On Jazz Standards
Mimi Fox
Rosenwinkel, Kurt Compositions
Jazz Soloing Basics Dvd+Chart (Qwiklicks Series)
John Stowell Jazz Guitar Mastery
John Stowell Jazz Guitar Mastery
With Online Video
Montgomery, Wes - Best Of Boss Guitar
Jazz Chords for Rock Guitarists
Hot Club Session
Basic Acoustic Swing Jazz Guitar
Hot Club Session - Basic Acoustic Swing Jazz Book
With Online Audio
Guide To Non-Jazz Improvisation
Guitar Edition Bcd
Monder, Ben Compositions
Conversations with Great Jazz & Studio Guitarists
Jazz Guitar Photo Chords
Mbgu Jazz Curriculum
Payin' Your Dues With The Blues
Jazz Warm-Ups for Guitar
Jazz Warm-Ups For Guitar - Qwikguide
Mordy Ferber: Make The Tune Your Best Friend
Dave Stryker's Jazz Guitar Improvisation Method
Live At the Smithsonian Jazz Cafe
Rodney Jones: Live At Smoke
The Art of Duo
MBGU Jazz Curriculum - Diminished Workbook
Symmetric Solutions: The Whole Tone Workbook
Playing in the Pocket
Comping, Voicings and Grooves for the Serious Jazz Guitarist
Vic Juris And Corey Christiansen
Alden, Howard - Live At The Smithsonian Jazz Cafe
The Jam Featuring Fred Hamilton
and The Earl Harvin Trio
A Practical Guide to Jazz Band Guitar
Mbgu Jazz Moveable Shapes
Concepts For Reharmonizing Ii-V-
Contemporary Guitar Greats
Shapes, Patterns and Lines For Jazz Guitar
Rosenwinkel, Kurt - East Coast Love Affair
Sheryl Bailey 3: Live In NYC
Expanding Your Soloing for the Guitarist
New West Guitar Quartet
Master Guitar Symposium: Volume 1
Master Guitar Symposium: Volume 2
Guitar Meditations - Contemplative Solos
Ultimate Map For Jazz Guitar
Stowell Plays Stowell
Jazz Guitar Chords Made Easy, Large Print Edition
Comping Standards For Jazz Guitar
Ferber, Mordy - Compositions
Loueke, Lionel Original Compositions
Travis Reuter: Compositions
Ben Monder Compositions, Volume II
Extreme Warm-Ups And Chops Builders For Guitar
Jazz Guitar Duets (Usc) Book With Online Audio
Etudes and Familiar Chord Progressions for Two Guitars
Jazz Guitar Essentials
Gig Savers Complete Edition
Frank Vignola's Complete Rhythm Changes
Play-Along For Guitar
Rhythm Guitar Chord System
Guitar Melody Chord Playing System
Jazz Guitar Method
Jazz Guitar Method Compl.
Complete Guitar Improvisation Book
Deluxe Encyclopedia of Guitar Chord Progressions
Solo Jazz Guitar
Jazz Guitar Etudes
Jazz Guitar Licks(101)
Pass, Joe Guitar Style
Pass, Joe Guitar Chords
Jazz In Position
George Van Eps: Guitar Solos
in Notation and Tablature
Complete Book Of Guitar Technique
Brazilian Jazz Guitar Styles
Jazz Single String Studies
The Early Years
Complete Jazz Guitar Method
Pat Bergeson: Contemporary Improvisation
Anyone Can Play Jazz Guitar
Complete Book Of Jazz Guitar Lines and Phrases
Jazz Band Rhythm
Umble Improvisation Technique
Jeff Linsky: Latin Jazz Guitar
All Blues Scale For Jazz Guitar Book/Cd Set
Cafe Benedetto
Jummy Bruno & Jack Wilkins In
Complete Joe Pass
Jazz Solos, Volume 2 Book/Cd Set
Solo Jazz Guitar Method
Killer Chords
Essential Jazz Etudes..The Blues - Guitar
A Common Sense Approach To Improvisation
Taylor, Martin Guitar Method Book
With Online Audio
Frank Vignola - Building Guitar FInger Strength
Play-Along Jazz Standard Chord Progressions Book
With Online Audio
Essential Jazz Lines In The Style Of John Coltrane
Essential Jazz Lines Guitar Style Of John Coltrane
With Online Audio
Jazz Guitar Ensembles Level 3
Jimmy Wyble's Solo Collection Guitar
Essential Jazz Lines: Style Of Wes Montgomery Bk
With Online Audio
Modern Jazz Guitar Styles Book/Cd Set
Getting Into Guitar Improvising
Getting Into Guitar Improvising
Essential Jazz Lines: Style Of Grant Green Book
With Online Audio
Solo Pieces for the Young Guitarist
Quartal Harmony and Voicings For Guitar
Jazz Guitar Standards
A Complete Approach To Playing Tunes
Fingerstyle Jazz
Jazz Guitar Standards Ii
Complete Approach To Playing Tunes
Jazz Guitar Standards: Chord Melody Solos Book
With Online Audio
Jazz Guitar Chord Chart
Jazz For Classical Guitar
Popular Songs For The Classical Guitar
Owning A Jazz Standard
Hot Licks: George Benson - The Art of Jazz Guitar
Frank Gambale: Modes - No More Mystery
Frank Gambale: Monster Licks And Speed Picking
Jazz Solos & Improvisation
Guitar Training Session:
Music Playbacks CD : Guitare Jazz
Backing Tracks
Guitar Training Session: Jazz Standards & Rhythmik
Gli Stili Della Chitarra Jazz In 3D
Accompagnamento Jazz Alla Chitarra
Music Playbacks CD : Chitarra Jazz
Backing Tracks
Music Playbacks CD : Guitarra Jazz
Backing Tracks
Acompañamiento Jazz A La Guitarra En 3D
Jazz Rock Guitar
Of Mickey Baker and The Alex Sanders Funk Time Band
Accords pour guitare (5500)
Guitare facile Vol.2
Guitare facile Vol.3
Guitare facile Vol.4 spécial blues
Guitare facile Vol.5 spécial latin
Guitare facile Vol.6 spécial swing manouche
La guitare acoustique Vol.1
Le livre de la guitare Vol.1
Pièces faciles (7)
Special guitar n°1
Special guitar n°2
Special guitar n°3
Mémo du guitariste
Easy Django Vol.2
Leçons faciles pour apprendre le solo à la guitare
Leçons faciles pour apprendre l'accompagnement
Planète guitare Vol.1
Easy Django Vol.3
Easy Django Vol.1
Apprendre la guitare Vol.2
Exploring Jazz Guitar
Learn to play Pop - Rock - Jazz - Bossa Nova
Play along. The band at home. 12 songs to play with
Jazz Suite
A jazzy Story
Pop - Folklore - Jazz
Schule für modernes Gitarrespiel (mit gesonderter Lehranleitung zum Selbstunterricht)
Pop - Folklore - Jazz. Solo
Schule für moderne Sologitarristen
Approccio Analitico Alle Strutture Del Jazz
Grammatica Ragionata Della Chitarra Jazz
Guitare Jazz Moyen
Guitare jazz maitrise du jeu en accords/mélodie
Guitare Jazz Maitrise Improvisation
Blue notes
Promenade sur Broadway
Pick, rag and blues
Pimiento latino

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