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Method for Flute Book 2
Play Your Part (Flute)
Classic Hymns (Flute)
Christmas Joy
Instrumental Solos for the Holiday Season
Rhapsody for Flute
For Flute with Piano Accompaniment
Classics for the Young Flute Player
8 Masterpieces, easy to play
Retro Pop
1st Recital Series for Flute
Solos for Beginning through Early Intermediate lev
Loco for Latin
10 Pieces that cover just about every Latin style!
Summerset Scenes
Five contemporary folk-tunes
Country Folk
Three favourite melodies
Flute Cocktail
Three mixed melodies
Moment Musical
25 sketches
Präludien für Flöte und Orgel
The Swinging Beginning
Een speelboek voor beginnende blazers
Evergreens for ....
The Orchestral Flutist
The Swinging Beginning
Ein Spielbuch für Anfänger
Joue la 1ère voix!
Avec accompagnement sur CD par ton propre Orchestr
The Swinging Beginning
Un livre ludique pour les musiciens débutants
The Swinging Beginning
A primer for he wind instrumentalist
Play 'em Right! - Latin 1
Play 'em Right! - Latin 2
Play 'em Right! - Rock 1
Play 'em Right! - Rock 2
Het grote 5 december Duettenboek
16 bekende Sinterklaasliedjes voor twee blazers
Alle Jahre wieder
und 23 andere bekannte Weihnachtslieder für zwei B
The Swinging Beginning
Esercizi per principianti
Suona la 1a Parte!
Con la tua orchestra di fiati su CD!
Keep on Swinging
Afro, Latin & andere Grooves
Play 'em Right! - 12 Duets in various styles
The Universal Band Soloist
Dizzy on the Rocks
Play the first Part!
With Your Own Concert Band on CD
Play 'em Right! - Play Along
Horen Lezen & Spelen 1 dwarsfluit
Methode voor dwarsfluit
Horen Lezen & Spelen De Bekende Liedjes
Moments of Swing
10 Original Songs in Jazz, Latin & Swing
Non Stop Hits Vol. 1
Non Stop Hits Vol. 2
Top Hits Solo 1
Musical Souvenirs for Flute
10 original pieces in various styles
Pop & Folk for Flute
Gardez le Rythme! / Tenete il Ritmo!
Keep on Swinging
Merry Christmas (Flute)
Let's Play
Top Hits Duo 1
Hören, Lesen & Spielen 1 Querflöte
Schule für Querflöte
2 solo Pieces with Wind Ensemble Accompaniment
Flute & Romance
10 Romantic Pieces
Écouter, Lire & Jouer 1 Flûte Traversière
Méthode de Flûte Traversière
Joy to the World
28 Easy Christmas Duets
Horen Lezen & Spelen 2 dwarsfluit
Methode voor dwarsfluit
Classical Solos
12 Pieces based on famous themes
Kids Play Solo...
Écouter, Lire & Jouer 1 - Les Chansons Célèbres
Kids Play Hits!
Play the First Part!
With Your Own Concert Band on CD
Hören, Lesen & Spielen 2 Querflöte
Schule für Querflöte
Horen Lezen & Spelen Speelboek
Triobuch 2
Golden Tunes for Flute
10 Famous Songs and Evergeens
Play Time
18 eenvoudige duetten voor blazers
A Song for You
10 pieces
Ascolta, Leggi & Suona 1 flauto
Metodo per flauto
Play Your Favourite Songs
Master Swop
Play with a real band!
Top Hits Solo 2
Play Bach
8 Famous Works for Flute
Écouter, Lire & Jouer 2 Flûte Traversière
Méthode de Flûte Traversière
Écouter, Lire & Jouer 2- Les Solos
Look, Listen & Learn 2 Flute
Method for Flute
Swing to Me
11 Swinging pieces with optional second part
Mix 'n' Music
Easy pieces with optional second parts
Band Time Starter ( Flute )
Horen Lezen & Spelen 3 dwarsfluit
Methode voor dwarsfluit
Frohes Fest
Bekannte Weihnachtslieder zum Spielen mit CD-Begl.
Great Melodies for Flute
Kids Play Easy Solo
On Tour ( 1 C' TC )
On Tour ( 2 C TC )
On Tour ( 3 C TC )
Horen Lezen & Spelen Duoboek 1
Duobuch 1
Hören, Lesen & Spielen 3 Querflöte
Schule für Querflöte
Horen Lezen & Spelen Stijlboek
Hören, Lesen & Spielen 3 Stilbuch
Horen Lezen & Spelen Duoboek 2
Scales under Construction
Tonleitern im Bau - Gammes en construction - Tonladders in uitvoering
Écouter, Lire & Jouer 1 - Les Duos
Écouter, Lire & Jouer 3 - Les Styles Musicaux
Écouter, Lire & Jouer 3 Flûte Traversière
Méthode de Flûte Traversière
Duobuch 2
Two on Tour
Universal Tunes for Two
Keep on Swinging
Afro, Latin and other Grooves
Stylish Adventure
8 Pieces for Flute
Go Solo!
A Fun Collection of Original Pieces
Écouter, Lire & Jouer 2 - Les Duos
Mega Swop
Play with a real band!
Pop Around the Clock
Ascolta, Leggi & Suona 2 flauto
Metodo per flauto
Colours of the World
14 original pieces with an international flavour
Festive Baroque
Swing Starters
Escuchar, Leer & Tocar 2 flauta travesera
Método de flauta travesera
Work Swop
Create a real band!
Rock Connections
Pop it Up!
Album Vol. I for Flute and Piano
Album Vol. II for Flute and Piano
Album Vol. IV for Flute and Piano
Album Vol. V for Flute and Piano
Concerto for Flute, Strings and BC in G-Major
Concerto for Flute and Orchestra KV 313 (285c)
G-Dur - Sol majeur - G-Major
Sonata ("Hallenser") No 1 for Flute and BC in a
Sonata ("Hallenser") No 3 for Flute and BC in b
Sonata for Flute and Harpsichord BWV 1020 in g
Sonata for Flute and BC Op. 2 No. 4
Album Vol. VIII for Flute and Piano
Concerto for Flute, Strings and BC QV 5 : 174 in G
Concerto for Flute, Strings and BC Op.10 No.3
RV 428 Il Gardellino in D Major
Concerto for Flute and Orchestra KV314 (285d)
D Major
Concerto for Flute,Strings and Basso Cont. G Major
Sonata In B Minor BWV 1030
Sonate BWV 1033 in C-Dur
Sonata For Flute And Harpsichord BWV 1020
Sonata For Flute And Harpsichord In E Flat
Concert for Flute, Harp and Orchestra, KV 299
KV 299 (297c)
Agenda für junge Flötisten
Capricen - 8
Three Gymnopedies
Sonata In A Minor BWV1013
for unaccompanied flute
Three Flute Duets (K296, K310, K575)
for 2 Flutes and Bb Clarinet
Ten for Two Volume 1
Easy duets for flute and clarinet
Ten for Two Volume 2
Easy duets for flute and clarinet
Teacher and I Play Flute Duets, Volume 1
Teacher and I Play Flute Duets, Volume 2
Teacher and I Play Flute Duets, Volume 3
Three Gymnopedies
arranged for flute and guitar
Träumerei Op. 15 No. 7
for Flute and Piano
Chanson Triste Op. 40 No. 2
Siciliano from Flute Sonata No. 2 (BWV 1031)
Syrinx - Flute Solo
Scales & Arpeggios
Contains all Grades 1 - 8
Sicilienne Op.78
from Pelléas and Mélisande
The Swan
Where 'er You Walk from 'Semele'
Tango Op. 165 No. 2
Sinfonia from BWV156
'Ich steh mit einem Fuss im Grabe'
Salut D'Amour - Flute And Piano
Nimrod from 'Enigma' Variations Op. 36
Chanson de Nuit Op. 15 No. 1
Morning From Peer Gynt - Flute And Piano
from 'Peer Gynt'
Il Bacio
Flower Duet from 'Lakmé'
La Poule
Twenty TwoTraditional Tunes Volume 1
For Beginner Flautist
Twenty Two Traditional Tunes Volume 2
For Beginner Flautist
Concerto in G
Thirty Miniature Duets
A progressive guide to sight-reading
Song To The Moon
Jesu Joy Of Mans Desiring - Flute And Piano
50 Rounds
for 2 or more Flutes
Paganini Hoe Down
Mozart Themes, Volume 1
Mozart Themes, Volume 2
Waltz from 'Serenade for Strings'
Waltz from 'Coppélia'
Pie Jesu
Three Songs
Rigaudon and Minuet
from 'Le Tombeau de Couperin'
Romance Sans Paroles No.3
Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte
Fifty Five For Fun
A Collection of Easy Tunes
Flute Favourites, Volume 1
Flute Favourites, Volume 2
Trombono the Bad
A dramatic quartet
Airs and Graces
Six original melodic pieces
Flute Favourites, Volume 3
Nursery Medley
Flute Favourites, Volume 4
Woodwind Duets 1
17 Duets
The Summer Belles
An original suite
Fishy Fantasies
Pleasure Time
99 melodies for flute
Romance From 'The Gadfly'
Ten Easy Tunes
The Essential Flute (Volume 1)
Six attractive arrangements for Flute and Piano
Flautist's Choice (Grade 2)
18 Tuneful Pieces
Flautist's Choice (Grade 3)
9 Easy Tuneful Pieces
Ragtime Favourites
Amazing Animals
World Famous Melodies
Fancy Melodies
Flute Solo
World Famous Classics
From Bach to Ravel
Power Up!
Short, entertaining Pieces for Flute and Piano
Take the Lead - Movie Hits
Share the Lead - Film & TV Hits
Favorite Movie Themes
Essential Elements for Jazz Ensemble (Flute)
Ouverture deel 1
Ouverture deel 2
Fabulous Flutes
Op Avontuur 1
Chanson Triste Op. 40 No. 2
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
from Cantata No. 147
20 Popular and Entertaining tunes for unaccompanie
Fluitspelen voor beginners deel 2
Choral and Variations
op. 63 no. 1
Ode to the Nightingale
voor fluit en piano
Music Hall
Basic Fingering Chart for Flute
Discover the Lead - Pop
Pop Duets For All
Great Songs from the Silver Screen

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