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The Brush Secret
How to Apply Your Own Voice to the Brushes...
The Total Rock Drummer
On the Beaten Path: Progressive Rock
On the Beaten Path: Metal
Led Zeppelin: I Platinum Drums
Led Zeppelin: II Platinum Drums
Led Zeppelin: III Platinum Drums
Led Zeppelin: IV Platinum Drums
Led Zeppelin: Houses of the Holy Platinum Drums
Rolling Stones: Ultimate Drum Play-Along
Led Zeppelin: Presence Platinum Edition
Led Zeppelin: Coda Platinum Drums
Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti Platinum Edition
Realistic Drum Styles
Ultimate Drum Play-Along: Journey
The New Basics: Rock Drums
Realistic Rock for Kids
Drum Beats Made Simple!
Alfred's Rock Ed.: Led Zeppelin Drums
Learn Rock by Playing Rock: Scores, Parts, Tips, and Tracks Included
Drum Wars
Realistic Drum Solos Unfolded
Drum Techniques of Led Zeppelin
Note-for-Note Transcriptions of 23 Classic John Bonham Drum Tracks
Ultimate play-along Drum Trax Level 1 Volume 2
Jam with 7 Stylistic Dave Weckl tracks
John JR Robinson: The Time Machine
Drum Along - 10 Classic Rock Songs Reloaded
Drum Along - 10 Female Rock Songs
Drum Along: 10 Classic Rock Songs
Drum Along - 10 More Rock Classics
Drum Along - 10 German Rock Songs
Drum Along - 10 Hard Rock Classics
Hit Session Drums
Drum Along - 10 Hard Rock Songs 2.0
Drum Along - 10 Classic Rock Songs 3.0
Drum Along - 10 Classic Rock Songs Continued
Approche de la Coordination 
Operation: Rockenfield
The Drumming Of Queensryche
In Session with Korn
Gretsch Drums
Extreme Metal Drumming
Dream Theater
Drum Play-Along Volume 30
The Roots of Rock Drumming
Interviews with the Drummers Who Shaped Rock 'n' Roll Music
Rhythmic Composition
Featuring The Music Of Porcupine Tree
Drum Play-Along Volume 24
How to Play Rock Drums
Drum Play-Along Volume 37
Drum Play-Along Volume 39
Play like Keith Moon
The Ultimate Drum Lesson Book with Online Audio Tracks
Rock Songs for Kids
Drum Play-Along Volume 41
Easy Rock Songs
Drum Play-Along Volume 42
Bon Jovi
Drum Play-Along Volume 45
Mötley Crüe
Drum Play-Along Volume 46
Cover Band Hits
Drum Play-Along Volume 9
Drum Chart Hits
30 Transcriptions of Popular Songs
Metallica: 1983-1988
Drum Play-Along Volume 47
Metallica: 1991-2016
Drum Play-Along Volume 48
The Beatles
Drum Play-Along Volume 15
Deep Purple
Drum Play-Along Volume 51
Classic Rock Drum Solos
Neil Peart: Taking Center Stage
A Lifetime of Live Performance
Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced
The Beatles Drum Collection
Best of Red Hot Chili Peppers for Drums
Best of Blink - 182
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Greatest Hits
Drum Recorded Versions
Incubus Drum Collection
Drum Recorded versions
I'M With You Drum Rv
FastTrack - Bateria 2 (ESP)
FastTrack - Drums - Rock Songbook
Essential Rock Drumming Concepts
Classic Rock
Hal Leonard Drum Play Along
Drum Play-Along Volume 1
Hard Rock
‘90s Rock
Drum Play-Along Volume 6
Punk Rock
Drum Play Along Volume 7
Drum Play-Along Volume 10
Jimi Hendrix Experience: Smash Hits Vol. 2
Drum Play-Along Volume 11
The Doors
Hal Leonard Drum Play Along
Green Day - Ultimate Drum Play-Along
Drum Play-Along Volume 17
Drum Play-Along Volume 18
Drum Play-Along Volume 19
Rock Band
Drum Play-Along Volume 20
Drum Play-Along Volume 21
Black Sabbath
Drum Play-Along Volume 22
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
Drum Play-Along Volume 24
Drum Play-Along Volume 26
Avenged Sevenfold
Drum Play-Along Volume 28
Drum Play-Along Volume 29
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Drum Play-Along Volume 31
Songs for Beginners
Metallica - Drum Legendary Licks
Dave Matthews Band - Fan Favorites for Drums
Metallica - And Justice for All
Metallica (Black)
Modern Rock Drum Beats & Loops
Classic Rock Drum Beats & Loops
MD Classic Tracks
Rock Drumset Solos
8 Contemporary Pieces
All About Drums
A Fun & Simple Guide to Playing Drums
Intense Metal Drumming
FastTrack - Drums 2 - Songbook 2
The Great Jazz Drummers
Modern Rock
Drum Play-Along Volume 4
Drum Play-Alongs 1
34 Trios And Quartets For Drumset(s)
Esplora La Tua Creativita Sul Drumset
Featuring Bass Drum Kicks For Rock and Jazz
Accents And Solos For Rock And Jazz Drumming
Quintet Of Coordination Patterns
For Rock And Jazz Drumming
Son Of The Mini Monster
Rock Drumset Basics Dvd+Chart
Advanced Rock Drumset
Understanding Groove for Drum Set
Block Rockin' Beats
Musical Drumset Solos
For Recitals, Contests And Fun
Introduction To Rock Style Drumm
Pocketbook Deluxe Series: Hot Drum Grooves
Gadd, Steve Transcriptions
Hot Drum Grooves Made Easy, Large Print Edition
The Drummer's Cookbook Volume 2
Aquiles Priester
Inside My Psychobook 100 Double Bass Pattersn
Complete Blues/Rock Drummer
Gears For Grooving On Drumset
100 Legendary Modern Rock Drum Beats Book
With Online Audio
100 Legendary Rock Drum Fills Book
With Online Audio
A New Approach To Odd-Times For Drum Set
Aquiles Priester's Top 100 Drum Fills
Priester, Aquiles: The Psychoctopus Play Along
Drummer's Cookbook
Anthology Of Rock Drumming
Rock Studies For Drumset
Rock Studies for Drumset Book
Power Rock Drum System Plus 2
Rock Drumming & Soloing Methods
Drum Lessons For Kids
Drum Lessons For Kids Of All Ages
Building Blocks of Rock
Grooves e fills hard rock & metal sulla batteria
Play Drums With... The Best Of AC/DC
Play Along Drums Audio CD: Heavy Metal
Play Drums With Classic Songs
Metallica: ... And Justice For All Drum Edition
Metallica: The Black Album - Drum Edition
Play Drums With... Coldplay
Play Drums With The Police
Play Drums with 18 Classic Songs
Drum Along - 10 Female Rock Songs
Burnin' Beats! - 52 Full Colour Beat Cards
Noten Spiel Und Bauanleitungen
Schlagzeug Training
Double Bass Drumming: Not Only For Metal
Double Bass Drumming: Not Only For Metal (English)
Songbook - Best Of Mia
Daniel Schlep: Drum-Session (German)
Grooves et Breaks Rock, Rock 'n' Roll & Rockabilly
à la batterie
Music Playbacks CD : Batteria Rock
Backing Tracks
Music Playbacks CD : Bateria Rock
Backing Tracks
Rockschool - Hot Rock Drums
Grade 3
Rockschool: Hot Rock Drums - Grade 5
Discovering Rock Drums
An introduction to rock and pop styles, techniques, sounds and equipment
Rock & Pop Exams: Drums Initial-CD
Drum Teaching Material
Rock & Pop Exams: Drums Grade 1-CD
Drum Teaching Material
Rock & Pop Exams: Drums Grade 2-CD
Drum Teaching Material
Rock & Pop Exams: Drums Grade 3-CD
Drum Teaching Material
Rock & Pop Exams: Drums Grade 4-CD
Drum Teaching Material
Rock & Pop Exams: Drums Grade 5-CD
Drum Teaching Material
Rock & Pop Exams: Drums Grade 6-CD
Drum Teaching Material
Rock & Pop Exams: Drums Grade 7-CD
Drum Teaching Material
Rock & Pop Exams: Drums Grade 8-CD
Drum Teaching Material
Du'Gaff For Drums

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