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Christmas Collection For Bassoon Trio
Jack and Jill
Bassoon Trio
Sensual Wood
Animations Ii
Divertimento No. 17 In F
The Roman Road
The Ever So Sensitive Plant
The Lost Kilt
Shanty Variations
Mentre Vaga Angioletta
D. 56
Trio - D. 43
Chanson Du Barde
D. 147
Blessed Through Love D. 55
Bassoon Trio
La Chanson Du Fossoyeur
D. 38
Here Lies The Pilgrim
D. 57
Infinite Joy
D. 51
The Groaning Lament
D. 53
Scherzo for Three Bassoons
16 Trios Varies
Vol.1: Trios I a VIII
16 Trios Varies
Vol.2: Trios Ix a XVI

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