How to be a complete musician

Once you start progressing as a musician it’s easy to play to your strengths and neglect weaker skills. So you become a good ear player who struggles to read a melody; or a keen sight-reader who avoids improvising. Or maybe you - Read More...

Your goal is not to learn a million chords

I recently had a conversation with a frustrated guitarist looking for an easy way to learn jazz chords on guitar. He’d tried several books and even some lessons from reputable teachers, but it didn’t help. “To be honest,” he said, - Read More...

Simplicity is the key

The KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) is well known among engineers and software developers. It strikes a chord because there is a natural human tendency to overcomplicate, even when the most effective - Read More...

Is it possible to get more from limited practice time?

Ask any musician about practice and they will almost certainly say they wish they had more time. But throughout most of our lives practice opportunities are limited. So what can you do to get - Read More...

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  • Fundamentals DVD Rom

    Fundamentals DVD Rom

    Amazing new DVD-ROM: sight sing, play by ear, transcribe, sight read, harmony, chords. Read More....

  • Circle of Fifths

    Circle of Fifths

    Learn the essential building blocks of music theory with this simple tool. It condenses scales, intervals, key signatures, and chords into a simple A4 size rotating chart for quick easy reference. Read more...

  • Transcribe! 8

    Transcribe! 8

    Transcribe! is the world's most popular transcription software used and endorsed by musicians such as Pat Metheny and Michael Brecker. It helps you figure out how to play what's on recordings, create loops and slow music down without altering the pitch.

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  • Play Violin The Cuban Way

    Play Violin The Cuban Way

    Learn to play melodies, rhythms and improvised solos in the Cuban style on the violin. Excellent audio CD contains wonderfully authentic demo and practice tracks. Read more...

  • Django Reinhardt - Gypsy Jazz

    Django Reinhardt - Gypsy Jazz

    Jamey Aebersold play along volume 128.

  • Band In A Box 2010.5

    Band In A Box

    Create your own play alongs and songs with the best-selling auto-accompaniment software on the market. Now with real drums and real instruments!

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  • Where Do I Start?

    Where Do I Start?

    These graduated exercises are the perfect way to warm up whist also training your ear and learning improvisation fundametals. Great sounding practice tracks in a range of styles, performed by top UK musicians. Read more...

  • Taming The Saxophone

    Taming The Saxophone

    The ultimate collection of what to practise to master saxophone technique and performance. Read more...

  • Digital Sheet Music

    Digital Sheet Music

    Print your own sheet music! Our new digital sheet music store contains 1000s of jazz titles at great prices ready for you to print at home. Simply search and add titles to your basket, then checkout and get printing.

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Featured Authors

  • Mark Levine
    Mark Levine

    Mark Levine is one of the world's most trusted authorities on jazz theory and jazz piano. His books are widely used and recommended because he uses the language that working jazz musicians use; and he makes seemingly daunting topics more accessible by referring to musical examples from classic recordings.

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  • Jamey Aebersold
    Jamey Aebersold

    Jamey Aebersold is one of the most familiar voices among jazz musicians because his signature count in is heard by generations of players every time they practise. Follow the link below to discover the Aebersold titles we recommend most often.

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  • Hal Crook
    Hal Crook

    Hal Crook is author of key texts such as How To Improvise and Ready, Aim, Improvise. Hal Crook's books are used by Berklee College, Boston and Trinity College of Music, London and on the reading list of many other leading music colleges and conservatoires.

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  • Greg Fishman
    Greg Fishman

    Chicago tenor saxophonist Greg Fishman is author of our most popular books of saxophone duets and bebop etudes. He has also author of Jazz Guitar Etudes, Jazz Trumpet Etudes, Tasting Harmony, and Jazz Phrasing For Beginners.

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